Monday, March 02, 2009

On Being Confident and Professional

I’ve never done this before on my blog, but I would like to introduce you to my newest client. I find her both fascinating and informative.

My newest client is Guila Muir and Associates. Guila is an expert when it comes to presenting oneself as a professional. She teaches and coaches people on how to be a confident facilitator as well as  how to give presentations without falling flat on your face. I don’t know about you guys, but these are tips that I could use. For example, when I’m on a business phone call, I catch myself umm’ing a lot. I cringe every time I do it but I can’t seem to stop myself. And you can forget about public speaking. I’m pretty sure you’d have to drug me first. Guila’s website and the articles that she writes give the everyday person or professional the tools that they need to present themselves in a confident and professional manner.

Guila’s newest article is titled, “Two Presenting Myths:  BUSTED!” In her article, Guila discusses how thanking your audience isn’t necessarily the correct opening to a speech. The second myth in her article covers how there is a definite difference between moving about in front of your audience with a purpose and rambling around as if lost. Both points Guila talks about have to do with body language and how you are presenting yourself to your audience. Even if you don’t regularly present at conferences or meetings, people such as teachers and managers would benefit from Guila’s advice. The Mister, who is a Marine, gives a class on Lean Six Sigma several times a week and has told me how Guila’s insights have helped him to better convey his message to his Marines.

If you would like to read more about Guila Muir and Associates and to get more advice on how to be an expert facilitator and presenter, I’m sure Guila would appreciate a visit to her website. When you stop by, be sure and leave her a comment. She even has articles that could help students when it comes to remembering what you learn.

Guila Muir and Associates


  1. I've been quilting about doing the "um" thing when speaking to groups. Lots o ftimes, I just ttotally lose my train of thought and draw a blank. I hate it when that happens.

  2. Boy, could I use some of those tips! I'm awful at public speaking and I do um and ah a lot on the phone--or even in conversations. Thanks for the link to the website, Trisha!

  3. Pam~~I totally relate. It makes it worse that I hear myself every time I say it too.

    LF~~I hope you find some useful stuff on her website. ;)


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