Monday, March 30, 2009

Things I Did This Weekend

The title makes it sound like I actually did stuff this weekend, huh? After our whirlwind weekend last weekend, I was determined to do as little as I could get away with this weekend. Having it rain 75% of the time really helped me attempt to achieve my goal.

Saturday, I got in an afternoon run on the elliptical. No rest for the too fat and lazy. I haven’t slacked off of the exercise at all, but after our weekend in Georgia, my eating habits have been on a downhill slide. I gained almost three pounds over that weekend. THREE POUNDS!! But you know, without the pecans, pralines are basically pure sugar. I wonder why I gained so much weight!!! Anywho, Saturday night I did something that I haven’t done in a looong time. I actually planned to and sat down to watch a movie. Sex and the City was on HBO and I enjoyed a girlie night to myself on the couch. Glass of wine in hand, candles lit, and the windows open to a fantastic night breeze, I enjoyed watching the movie all by myself. The Mister was on the computer or something and the girls were in their rooms playing. It was really nice. And the movie was pretty okay. For a chick flick, you couldn’t really ask for more. It was very predictable though.

Sunday, the Mister and I hit the commissary and then he disappeared for a marathon paper writing session. I, however, sat down to read Twilight on my Kindle app. I’m almost done with it and I have to laugh at how many times Meyers uses the words “beauty” and “beautiful”. It gets to the point where the meaning is completely lost. It’s just like when you say, “I’m sorry” all the time and people stop believing you after a while. I was prepared to thoroughly dislike this book. I began reading it keeping in mind that the intended audience is tweens and teenagers. In fact, that’s why I decided to read this book at all, because my 12, soon to be 13 year old daughter, wants to read it and I wanted to read it first before I gave her permission. I can see why it would appeal to teen girls but I really could take it or leave it. The dialogue comes off as being fake 90% of the time and Meyers has yet to make me care about the characters. Also, I dislike how much she has deviated from the traditional vampire myths and legends. I don’t mind creativity but her take on vampirism comes off as too contrived. It’s as if she was trying to be different just for the sake of being different. Whether or not I read any of the other books in the series depends on whether or not the oldest child wants to continue reading them. Twilight is too easy to put down to make me want to read the rest of them for myself.

As for the rest of my Sunday, I washed my car. It was such a gorgeous afternoon that I wanted to spend some of it outdoors so I decided to clean off all the bug guts from the drive too and from GA. It was disgusting. The really irritating part is that as soon as I was done washing my car, it had a layer of pollen all over it. Pollen freaking sucks. I also got my garage cleaned out AGAIN, so that I could park my car inside of it. I’m hoping that it will keep the pollen coverage to a minimum.

And that, folks, was my fun and exciting weekend. I got my workout in already this morning and now I’m headed for the shower. Then it’s work, dinner, work, bed, rinse and repeat.


  1. You'll lose that 3 pounds in no time! Besdies, when in Savannah, you must eat pralines. ;)

  2. Have you read Meyers "adult" book The Host? I haven't read any of the Twilight series yet, even though I do enjoy a good teen read - like Harry Potter... So I grabbed The Host at the library awhile back and it's not really all that "adult." While the characters are 20+ the main ones are still very teen angsty. It was a quick read and not horrible - but it didn't make me want to run out and grab the next thing she writes. I've been on a Neil Gaiman kick as of late - if you haven't read anything by him I thoroughly recommend it! I could even mail you some of my books if you'd like - I'd just want them back!

  3. Pam~~I'm back down to my pre-Georgia weight as of this morning!! Woot! And the pralines were scrumptious and worth the indulgence.

    Mandy~~No, I haven't read The Host and after reading Twilight, I don't think I want to. I'm a big Harry Potter fan too

    And I'm a BIG fan of Neil Gaiman. It is so very sweet of you to offer to mail me some of his books. I would take you up on it but I know me and I know that I'm terrible at returning things. Just ask our local library to which I currently have outstanding fines waiting to be paid, rotflol.

  4. Mandy~~Also, do you have a blog or Twitter account?


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