Friday, May 29, 2009

Champagne Tastes

champagne If you’ve ever gone shopping with me, you know that I’m not very much fun. Well, unless I’m shopping for sandals, makeup, books, sunglasses, and/or electronics. Basically, I’m no fun when it comes to shoes, purses, and clothes. There are a couple reasons behind why I suck at shopping.

I hate shopping for clothes for myself because I’m unhappy with my options. If I keep losing weight, I’ll love shopping for clothes again. Once upon a time, the Mister and I used to blow entire paychecks at the mall on clothes. This was before we were married and when we were both still thin. Nowadays, I LOVE buying clothes for my girls because they are both skinny minnies and it' is so fun dressing them in clothes that I wish I could wear.

Shoes, I hate shoes. I think all athletic shoes are ugly. Ugly. That’s it. I have no other word for it. Dress or casual shoes, I have a hard time figuring out what goes with what. I have one pair of healed slides that I love with jeans, my running shoes, and then tons of sandals. That’s it. Well, I  have one pair of black pumps that I wear to funerals. They look like old lady shoes and I hate them. Plus, they remind me of dead people so they don’t come out of my closet. Sandals I can do, other shoes I can’t. Why should it be fun for me to shop for shoes? It isn’t and I don’t recommend you go with me when I do unless you’re willing to pick them out for me. I totally wouldn’t mind that.

Purses. Shopping with me for purses is a painful experience. I know it and I admit it but surprisingly, I love, love, LOVE, purses. Why don’t I like to shop for them? Because I can’t afford what I’d really like to have:  Fendi, Prada, Gucci, D&G. You get the idea. I currently sport a Tommy Hilfiger purse and it’s the closest I’ve come to a designer label. I really like my purse and am happy with it. Still, it’s not a Louis Vuitton. When it comes to purses, I have champagne tastes on a beer budget. Even if I could afford thousand dollar plus bags, I don’t know if I would buy them. I love to drool and fawn over them though. Yup. Drool and fawn. Not on the purses of course. You shouldn’t actually drool on designer label purses. ;)

I’ve decided to indulge just a bit and I got myself a Burberry purse. After buying it, I had immediate buyer’s remorse because I’ve never spent that much money on a purse,but you only live once, right? I also got myself a membership to Bag, Borrow, or Steal. I have some Gucci sunglasses on the way. Yay! I’m very excited. I hope I don’t become one of those addicted impulse shoppers, lol. Even with a membership, it’s still a bit on the pricey side to rent from the website. It would be very easy to overindulge. I promise to try and control myself, heheh.



  1. Ohh it's so nice to hear that another woman can't get into clothes shopping either. I am no longer in my size 4 and I just hate shopping.

    Just letting you know that you are not alone. And maybe with a few pounds lost, I will get back into it.


  2. Yeah. Clothes shopping isn't as fun as it used to be. Maybe it will be again before I have to wear granny clothes, lol.

  3. I've always been tempted to join Bag Borrow or Steal. What a neat website! A friend of mine and I talked about splitting an account. lol!

    Oh, and I love shopping for shoes, especially sandals.

  4. Pam~~My sunglasses arrived on Tuesday and thrilled doesn't begin to describe how I felt about it. I'm trying to decide how silly I'll look wearing them when it rains today, lmao!! You should totally get yourself a membership!! Then we could compare wish lists and encourage each other to rent stuff, lol.

  5. Aww I personally love clothes shopping, especially online and find it really easy and totally stress free. I have bought some great gear from next clothing and was really happy with the sizes and quality.

  6. Rachael~~That's great you've had so much success online. I seems like it would be hard to get clothes in the right size without trying them on first since everything is made differently. Clothes and shoes are one of the few things that I don't buy online.


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