Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Ups and Downs of the Week

As I said earlier, the Mister took some leave this week for what it was worth. He ended up having to go into work both Monday and Tuesday. Not all day, but it was still a pretty crappy arrangement and he was still charged those two days of leave even though he worked both days.

Wednesday we had to get up bright and early for an appointment for the youngest child and then on Thursday, they got out of school early.

Friday, the Mister and I took his car in for new tires, an alignment, and an oil change. We dropped it off around 10:30 in the morning and told them we’d be back to pick it up at 5. That should have given them more than enough time I should think. I called at 4:30 to see if they happened to be done early because I figured that it shouldn’t take 6 1/2 hours to do the work and they said they were doing the alignment. I asked how much longer, and they said 30-45 minutes and they would call when it was ready. I was a bit irritated at that answer. 5:30 rolls around and still no call so we decided to go ahead and drive out figuring they’d call on the way. We get there, and the car is still in their garage. Wth?!?! They didn’t get done until about 6:30. 6:30!!!!!!! They had the car for EIGHT hours. I was not a happy customer. But, I didn’t throw a fit and made them recheck my receipt about five times to make sure they didn’t charge me for anything extra which they did because they tried charging us for new valve stems and we don’t need those cuz we have an air pressure monitoring thing. Oh! And I didn’t even tell you the best part, It turns out that we have freaking Lexus tires on our Rav 4. Wanna guess how much those things cost and how hard they were to find? I won’t say how much we paid but I will tell you that Toyota was going to charge us $1200 for them. Of course, a dealership is going to be more expensive than somewhere else so we didn’t pay quite that much but it was still more than we had guessed it was going to be. We have the sport edition Rav so they have high performance tires on them. Go figure. It’s something to keep in mind the next time we’re in the market for a new car.

So, all in all, the Mister had an entirely sucky leave. The only thing that kept it from being a complete loss was that he got his bonus.

Speaking of his bonus, heheh, we did a little shopping during the week too. I already mentioned the new printer and the Wii Fit. Fun stuff. We also went out for just the regular type of shopping. The oldest child and I hit the Ulta store. It’s makeup in case  you’ve never heard of it. I was like a freaking kid in the candy store. It was all so bright, pretty, and colorful. I ended up with some Smashbox lipglosses, some pretty Opi nail polish in bright, summery colors, and some Urban Decay eye shadow.  I think I”m set in the makeup department for a while.

Then we went to Victoria’s Secret for their sale. I needed new bras and it turns out that it’s been so long since I’ve bought new bras, I had forgotten my size. All the ones I got did not fit and so I still do not have any good bras. It was a bit frustrating. The oldest child and I also got some new panties. Fun!

THEN, we went clothes shopping. I think all of us got new clothes except for the Mister. I don’t know why he didn’t get any new clothes. I think it was because he was shopping for tools and a new baseball cap when we were looking at the clothes, lol. That’s a man for ya. He did get a new Padres baseball cap but it makes his head break out in one of his rashes so he can’t wear it very much, heheh. Yes. He’s still getting rashes. Last night was the worst I’ve ever seen them. The entire left side of his back, from his shoulder to his waist, was a crisscross of welts. It was terrible. And I mean terrible. As someone who was prone to eczema as a child, I feel terrible for him.

Anyway, he went back to work yesterday at noon and is now on a 24 hour duty. Yay for him. But, he has Monday and Tuesday off for the holiday so it’s not that bad. The girls and I are going to have a Wii marathon and our traditional “Daddy has Duty Dinner” of turkey tettrazzin. We’ re looking forward to it, lol.

I hope everyone has a great extended weekend. Enjoy the unofficial start to summer. I know I will.

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