Wednesday, May 06, 2009

On Being Laid Up

I forgot to mention in my post yesterday some other stuff that has been keeping life less than sane.

My dad had surgery last week on his leg. He had blockages in his leg which were keeping the blood from reaching his foot which caused major pain. He had the same thing in his other leg and had a successful operation on that one too. He’s home and resting comfortably. From what he’s told me, this second surgery was easier than the first. Still, it’s hard not being there with him through this.

The Mister escaped the stomach flu that the girls and I had but instead he has these strange, itchy rashes. It’s really the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. He’ll get them randomly on his face, legs, hands, chest, back, wherever. Sometimes they looks like rash-y bumps, sometimes they look live massive hives, sometimes like scratches or welts. And they come and go in a matter of minutes. They’re driving him insane as  you can probably imagine. He tried going to medical (which should tell you how bad they are. He hates going to medical for anything and won’t go until his miserable.) but they were absolutely no help whatsoever other than to recommend Cortisone cream. He’s also been taking Benadryl but since it makes him drowsy, he can only take it at night. We’re at a loss as to what to do. The doctors said they might be stressed related but they happen at all times of the day and night no matter what he’s doing or where he’s at. Besides, if they were stressed related, he would have been covered in them back in Vermont. If anyone has any insights, your comment would be loved and welcomed.

Lastly, how about that swine flu? We have 7 cases (at last count) here in NC the majority of which are in the county I live in, go figure. One of the elementary schools in the area was closed because of it but since the CDC said that’s unnecessary, it’s opening back up tomorrow. I’m not really a paranoid sick person so I don’t think about it too much.

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  1. Hope your Dad's recovery is going well. Sorry to hear about the hubby, I hope that goes away soon.

    Surprisingly, we haven't had any confirmed cases of the swine flu in our school district, but they have in some of the ones around us. Hopefully the situation will get better soon.


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