Monday, May 11, 2009

Save the Drama for Your Mama!

Mother’s Day was uneventful at my house. The youngest made me a thing at school and the oldest endeavored not to be a pain. The Mister’s present to me was to take the kids to the commissary so I didn’t have to go and so I could have a couple hours alone. It was darn near perfect. I got exactly what I wanted, heheh.I also managed to talk to my mom, stepmom, and sister on the phone and I texted with my brother on Sunday as well. Talk about a banner freaking day. I hadn’t talked with my brother in any form in months. It had been so long that he had a different phone number. My mom was enjoying the last day of her Disney vacation. My poor stepmom was at work but seemed to be in a good mood overall. My sister found out that her offer on a house had been accepted so she’s soon going to be a first time homeowner. Honestly though, I think I had the best Mother’s Day of all. ;)

Oh. And the youngest spilled a Coke all over my wireless keyboard. I was sure it was ruined because every other keyboard that I’ve spilled soda on (it happens way more often than it should), the keys stuck so I couldn’t type and I figured a wireless keyboard would have more components to ruin. I was wrong. I’m typing on it now and the keys don’t stick at all. It’s a MIRACLE!! Either that or the soda just hasn’t dried yet but I remain hopeful that I won’t have to buy yet another keyboard.

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