Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Herrrre Kitteh, Kitteh, Kitteh

We have a new addition to our family. The Mister brought home a kitten Friday afternoon. A single mother that he works with couldn't keep her because her daughter is allergic and the mom is pregnant and pregnant women aren't supposed to change kitty litter boxes. She was getting ready to take her to the pound over the weekend if she couldn't find a home for the kitty by Friday so we took her. The kitty came with everything a cat needs:  cat bed, litter box, tub of litter, food dishes, food, cat carrier, and toys. The woman also said she'd split the first vet bill with us too. Considering that we're in love with the kitty, we got an awesome deal and we saved her from going to the pound.

She is absolutley the most adorable kitteh ever. She's so much fun and very personable. Right now, as I type this, she's playing in a spare strand of Christmas garland we left laying on the floor. She's having a blast. We also got her one of those cat toys that has a wand with a toy on the end. She loves that and likes to "kill" it on a daily basis. Then she carries it proudly around the living room before abandoning it for another toy.

We thought we had a name picked out for her Sunday night. We had gotten many, many suggestions from friends and family but we decided to call her Sophie. Then last night, we were watching TV when the Mister became inspired and said we should name her Zazzy. Now we can't decide between the two. She is very zazzy and I think that name might suit her better than Sophie. Opinions?

I'm pretty sleep deprived due to the fact that she sleeps with the Mister and I. The first night, she got us up every four hours. The second night, she got us up at 1:30 and 4 am. Sunday night, she got me up around 4:30-5'ish. Last night she only got up about 5 this morning so we're getting better each night. I'm not comfortable leaving her to her own devices because she's really fascinated with the Christmas tree and the tree isn't very stable in the stand. (We got a tree with a very thin trunk and had to augment it with some shims from Lowes but I still don't trust it to a kitten.) Yesterday, I took some "new mom" advice and napped when the kitty napped. It was the only way I was getting through the day.

As for socialization, she has daily staring contests with the rabbit but other than that, they don't interact too much. The rabbit would kick her butt. She and Bailey coexist but they're not friends yet. Bailey wants to play with her very badly but barking scares the kitty and then she starts spitting and hissing at Bailey. They have played a couple times but they're still not 100% easy with each other yet. And Bailey is very jealous.

Did you know that an indoor cat can live up to 30 years?!? I talked to a lady in the Albertson's Saturday night who had just inherited a 27 year old cat. Did you also know that an indoor/outdoor cat's average life span is only four years? 

Here is a video of the kitteh chasing a mouse:

Lastly, if you can guess why the name Zazzy came up, leave me a comment. ;)


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