Thursday, December 08, 2011


That's what I am right now. I had to send my phone in to Apple yesterday to be repaired and now I don't know how to function.

This is the thing. This phone was a replacement phone for the one that I dropped in the street and cracked the face. I was juggling my keys, my purse, my phone, and a cup of coffee and there went my phone. Now, I'm very careful to put my phone in it's pouch on my purse so it's not in my hand when I'm outside. Anyway, the replacement phone (for which I paid a $200 insurance deductible to get) was wonky from the get go. The external speakers only played sound intermittently. Frequently, they would emit a static-y sound like I was trying to channel a radio station even when I had it set to "vibrate". Dumb phone. Apple has a 1 year warranty so getting it fixed would be free to me BUT, it would mean having to go a few days without it. So, I've been putting off sending it in for months now. I finally bit the bullet yesterday.

It sucks. I use the dumb thing for EVERYfreakingTHING! I had to set the alarm on my TV last night so that I would get up this morning. I also have alarms set to remind me when to leave to take the kids to and from school. Yesterday, I lost track of time and was three minutes late leaving to pick the youngest up. This may sound like nothing, but a mere three minutes means parking on the next block from the school. This morning, I was three minutes late AGAIN leaving to take the youngest to school. Again, this 3 minutes means that I was stopped a block away from the school in traffic and had to wait through three red lights before I could drop her off. Normally, I wait through 0-1 red lights. Both times, I was pinning stuff on Pinterest, hehehe. That site is a total time waster and sucks you in. Gosh.

According to my UPS tracking, my phone is now in Sacramento "out for delivery". Apple should be diagnosing my problem sometime today.

I have no idea how people get through life without an iPhone or a similar phone. I also have no idea how people can stand to listen to the radio anymore. If they're not playing commercials, they're playing a song they just played three songs ago. I don't get it.

I miss my phone. It's pathetic.

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