Monday, August 06, 2012

Never Say Never

On Friday, I participated in Five Question Friday and posted my response. There is a "linky" module on the host's website for this, so I read through other people's responses on their blogs. I have to say, I was really surprised at the number of people who said that as a parent, they would never take their kids to McDonald's but didn't follow through. A few also said that they would never let their kids watch TV. I found both of these responses hilarious. All things in moderation people.

I never said either one of these things when I became a parent. In fact, I loved the shows that I used to watch with my kids as they were babies/toddlers. Franklin, Little Bear, Arthur, Teletubbies, umm, the one show with the yellow people that looked like they were made out of Tinker Toys. One channel we have (I can't think of which one) has some of these shows and sometimes I turn them on for background noise. I miss my kids being that age. Life was so much simpler.

As for McDonald's...You can't blame, and I firmly believe this, fast food on childhood obesity. It is in the parent's control to feed or not feed their kids these foods. Parents are to blame for childhood obesity, and maybe hormones or glands or whatever. McDonald's is a fun sometimes treat and I don't see the harm in it as long as it's not a weekly meal. I personally know some people who eat McDonald's on a weekly basis. And why is it that McDonald's is always singled out as being the "bad" fast food joint? Last time I checked, chili cheese fries were greasy, fried, fatty, and cholesterol-filled and I can name five different fast food places that have them and McDonald's isn't one of them. It's just an example. I'm only trying to say that french fries, greasy hamburgers, and giganto sodas aren't the sole property of McDonald's.

One last thing which has very little to do with this post but I've been dying to say it for MONTHS!!!

Substituting beer for soda and then being all superior because you no longer drink soda is ASININE, RETARDED, and JUST PLAIN STUPID. Gosh! I feel better finally having gotten that off my chest.

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