Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello Trend. Allow Me to Jump on the Bandwagon

Google, Google Reader, RIP Google Reader
If you reside outside of a cave and in the 21st century, you've heard by now that Google is discontinuing Google Reader. I have been a loyal user since forever. I check my feeds at least 300 days a year. It's probably more like 330 or 340 days a year. I follow over 200 blogs. I'm a faithful and dependent user. Okay. Hold on and let me say this before I get on with my point.

First of all, I've been using Google as a search engine since before the word "Google" became a verb. I have steadfastly refused to use Bing or any other search engine because I'm loyal (well, and I hate Microsoft and Yahoo). I've also been using Gmail since it was invitation only. I used to hoard my invitations like gold back when you could actually sell them on eBay for actual money. I also use Google Maps, iGoogle, Feedburner, Blogger (obviously) and I have a freaking phone powered by Android. The way that Google is whittling away at it's services i.e., Google Reader and iGoogle, is starting to piss me off. And you know what else? It feels personal. I'm beginning to feel like I'm being abandoned by Google and a bit beat up by them. Google!!! Stop abusing your loyal fans.

Yeah. So anyway, with Google Reader being discontinued (asshole Google), I'm being forced to find another way to stay up to date with all the blogs that I read. I've tried Feedly and Flipboard, Pocket, and Pulse and none of them have the same feel and ease of use that Google Reader has. Yes. Google Reader is ugly and simple but it works and it's easy and straightforward to use. I  know exactly how to page through my unread posts to read them and make them read. I know how to mark them as unread or star them if I want to reread them later. Grr! All the other apps and services that I have tried feel too bulky and flashy.

Bloglovin, Blogging
The only good thing that's come of this debacle is that I decided to sign up for Bloglovin' which everyone else seems to have already done. Signing up isn't the good thing. The good thing is that while trying to claim my blog on Bloglovin', I discovered that the feed for my blog was messed up. I have absolutely no idea how long it's been messed up but it's been at least since I was calling my blog "Kingdom of Blogginshire" (I can be so dumb). That was eons ago (back when I was really dumb). Hopefully, getting it fixed, updating regularly (kinda regularly) and being on Bloglovin' will widen my circles and interaction with other bloggers.

So, if you blog and you're not on Bloglovin' get there and do it. If you're a kind, gentle, and generous soul, you'll follow me over there (you don't have to be a blogger to sign up). If not and you don't, I wish a pimple on your butt. The painful, oozing kind. And an ingrown hair on your toe. Those are painful and gross too. It's flip flop/sandal weather. You don't want an unsightly sore on your toe. Avoid the ugly toe and painful butt and click on the button on the right.

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