Friday, April 19, 2013

Things I Love Friday: Epiduo

Funnily enough, when I was a teenager, I only had the occasional, monthly (if you catch my drift) facial blemish. When I turned 25, I started getting breakouts all over my face. Lots. And it was all the time. Everyone told me that it was just due to stress because the Mister deployed for the first time. I didn't feel all that stressed out, but held out hope that it was the case and my face would clear up when he got back. It didn't.

For ten years, I tried everything from drugstore face washes and creams, to Proactive, to this stuff I ordered from a dermatologist in NYC, to homemade remedies that I found on the Internet. Every once in a while, I'd find something that would sort of work but even then, it didn't last and I'd be back to the same old breakouts. It was depressing. Literally.

Do you realize, that not only are pimples visibly unsightly, but having persistent acne is painful. Constantly having sores on your face hurts.

The doctors that I had in Vermont and North Carolina always suggested antibiotics as a treatment which I always refused. I have reactions to antibiotics that can be worse than whatever it is that I'm taking them for. I only take antibiotics if I absolutely have to for things like sinus infections and bronchitis. Then, I found a wonderful doctor here in San Diego that actually sits down with you and listens. He's the first doctor that I've ever had that doesn't make me feel like I'm inconveniencing him and needlessly taking up his time. He referred me to a dermatologist.

Epiduo, acne

I didn't much like the dermatologist's manner, but he prescribed two different medicines for me to take. One was a sulfur-based face wash and the other was Epiduo. At first, using them together seemed like it wasn't going to be something I could do. I ended up with red, fiercely burning skin and swollen eyes (I wasn't putting the medicine on my eyes just so you know) the first couple weeks. Basically, I had what felt like chemical burns on my face. Then I stopped using the sulfur face wash and just used the Epiduo every morning. My skin cleared up. All the way.

I still get the occasional monthly breakout but it's usually just one pimple and it's not even every month. I can live with that. I also still use the Epiduo every morning. After ten years of extensive acne, I'm afraid not to, lol. It's a miracle cure and I love it.

It's prescription only and may not be for everyone, but if you have acne and nothing else works, I emphatically recommend that you talk to your doctor about Epiduo.

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