Monday, April 22, 2013

Thoughts for Monday: Because It's Monday

Peace and Quiet
  • Doing some housework this morning, I had to move the Youngest child's scooter out of my way so that I could sweep the entryway. I started to get irritated because it doesn't belong in the entryway until I thought, "I'll miss seeing the kids' toys, clothes, books, etc., sitting around the house when they've grown and moved out." The scooter is fine where it sits.
  • Giving Honey Booboo, or whatever the hell her name is, her own show was scraping the bottom of the white trash TV barrel. Giving Ryan Lochte his own show is...somehow worse. Just because he can swim and he's easy on the eyes (Yum, right??)
    Ryan Lochte
    doesn't mean he has anything knocking around between his ears that is worth putting on television. He is so dumb and I mean that literally. He says the most idiotic things. Did he go to school? Did he graduate high school? American TV is such an embarrassment. 
  • I have no idea how to reply to a perfect stranger when they put something like, "I'm going to die alone" on social media. Is it a cry for help or a drama queen looking for attention?
  • I have lived places. In all my time as an adult, I think I've had four different cable companies. Time Warner Cable takes the ultimate prize as THE WORST CABLE AND INTERNET PROVIDER to which I've ever had the misfortune of subscribing. The customer service is terrible. They lock you into two year contracts so that you have to continue to pay for awful service. Their equipment sucks (my DVR often records only 2 or 3 minutes of a show and you have to jab, and I mean JAB, the buttons on the remote to get it to respond. I've changed the batteries many, many times with no effect). My Internet connection is so slow that I read a book while waiting for pages to load. Seriously, my 4G LTE connection from Verizon is faster. Their tech support is worse than useless. And we can't watch the Padres, our home team, on TV because Time Warner was too idiotic to come to a contract agreement with them. They are TERRIBLE. 
  • I hope my neighbors rot.
  • Coffee...gooooood.
  • My family has absolutely no understanding of my occasional need to sit in a quiet room without the TV constantly droning. I got up yesterday, Sunday, before the kids and the Mister was out getting his hair cut. I open the doors and windows to let a beautifully scented breeze in off the canyon, grab a book, and relax on the sofa with a cup of coffee. Silence. Only birds chirping outside my window. Every last one of my brood thought I was crazy. I just wanted some quiet.

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