Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Teenager Truism #7

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Teens seem to have no sense of time. I'm sure this is nothing new to this generation.

The Oldest child gets up for school 10-15 minutes before it's time to leave which gives her no time at all to actually get ready for school. Wednesdays are even worse since she has to wear a uniform for JNROTC. Yet, she says that we leave for school on time every day. We don't. I don't think we've actually left on time except, maybe, for the first day of school. On time is 7:10. We leave at
7:15 or later. And believe me. That five minutes is the difference between a little and a lot of traffic at the high school.

Also, teenagers seem to have no sense of HURRY THE HELL UP!!! This is probably something that is more of an issue in a bigger city than in smaller towns because of traffic, but at least once a day, I have to wait on a teenager to cross the street. Maybe they actually hit the button to get the pedestrian "go" light, then they meander across a street that has seven lanes of traffic and a median which means, WIDE, like it's a Sunday stroll through the park and end up crossing against the light anyway. How about putting a little shuffle in your step and move it across the street MORON! More often than not, I see them cross streets without bothering to wait for the little green walking man to tell them it's ok and then walk as slow as they can while traffic backs up. They'd better think twice about doing it if I'm first in line. My goal, before we move, is to dent my bumper by bouncing one of the miscreants off of my car. I don't want to kill or permanently damage any of them. Just a bruise or two would suffice.

Teenager Truism:  Teens move at their own speed. No amount of yelling or threats seems to get them to go at a normal, productive, human pace.


Having a cane or being in a wheelchair doesn't give you the right to cross against the light, nor does it protect you from my bumper. Just and FYI.

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