Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Little Wishes

So, anyway, last week was dull. I like dull weeks. Besides family crap rearing it's ugly head, things for us here in Vermont are going good. I still think that someone should invent a filtering device for phones and make them sorta like e-mail. I'm thinking something like having a subject line. When someone calls, they have to state their business into a recorder type deal. Then when the phone rings into your house, you can hear what they want before you allow their call to come through. If it's your pesky friend that needs a babysitter for the weekend, you can just hit a button that says you're not home and you'll get back to them. Then, you mysteriously never get the message. If it's a friend calling to say they're paying back some money they owe you, you can answer it cuz that's a cool call. If it's a bill collector, you can hit a button saying that they've called the wrong number, lmao. Something like that would make my day.

Well, now that I'm done dreaming, how was everyone's holiday weekend? Three day weekends are great. It's nice being able to sleep in for a few days. 6:30 is really early in the morning, lol. C had Sunday off and we spent the day being slugs around the house and then grilling out dinner.

C's 27th birthday is tomorrow. We don't have anything planned. I think he's supposed to take a kid down to Mass so we might not even get to see him. I'm not sure though. The girls are more excited about his b-day than he is, lol.

So, that's it for now. Hope everyone is doing ok.

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