Friday, June 19, 2009

Past Pets Hall of Fame Part Four

The next stop through our Hall of Fame takes us to Murray and Patch.

Murray was a Holland Lop and I’m not sure what Patch was. We got Murray at a pet store and we found Patch hopping around the parking lot of our base housing. After asking everyone I could find if they were missing a rabbit, we decided to adopt Patch and socialize him with Murray.

It was a rough go in the beginning with biting and fur flying, but they eventually grew to be good buddies. They were fun rabbits to have and I’m pretty sure we gave them a good home.

Here are a few pictures of them bonding on our back patio. These snapshots were taken in April of 2001.


Enjoying their greens. The black and white bunny on the left is Patch and Murray is on the right.


Patch grooming Murray.


Bunny nuzzling.


  1. My friend has two rabbits and while she loves them, she says that they are a lot harder to take care of than you think. I don't really know what she fully meant by that other than I know that she gets one of them special food because it's had stomach issues. But, I had two rabbits when I was younger but I don't remember them being any different than any other animal, except they were pretty messy. I don't know what the point of this comment really!

    They look so adorable in that picture.

  2. Such cuties! I am enjoying your Past Pets Hall of Fame, Trisha.

    I wish I had photos of all my past dogs--the ones I grew up with as a child. Riley is the first pet I ever had on my own (well, with my husband). And then, of course, we took in the two cats. They've certainly made my life more interesting. LOL

  3. Pam~~I don't think rabbits are too terribly hard to care for. Their areas can be messy like you said but most animals make messes whether it's shedding fur, needing nails clipped, or litter boxes scooped.

    LF~~Thanks!! These posts have been a lot of fun for me. I'm glad you're enjoying them.


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