Friday, June 12, 2009

Past Pets Hall of Fame Part Three

Next stop in the hall of fame takes us to Faline. Faline was our very first rabbit. We got her at a pet store (I know! The shame!) and they claimed she was a Netherland Dwarf. Being unfamiliar with rabbits, I took them at their word. Clearly though, she was a Dutch. We also found out later that she was a he, lol. When we moved to California, I had to give her/him to my aunt who absolutely loves rabbits so I knew that she/he went to a good home. She/he actually lived with us both in Ohio and in Florida but since I flew to California, Faline wasn’t able to come with us.

So, here’s a picture of Faline, the oldest child when she was only two, and myself at our apartment in Pensacola. This was taken in 1998.



  1. A bunny! I love rabbits. :-) A childhood friend of mine had a rabbit named Rosie who we would play with and let roam the house while we waited to catch the bus in the morning before school (this was when we were in middle school).

    I am glad you were able to find a good home for Faline when you moved.

  2. Stay tuned then!! I have two more rabbit posts coming up in my Hall of Fame series.

  3. I've learned not to trust pet stores at their word either. That's great you had someone to take Faline in, somewhere you knew she would be taken care of.
    I'll be watching for the more familiar rabbits :o)

    ps. I've got to email you. We're going to be in San Diego for a few days next month and was wondering if you had any "must see" ideas .

  4. Yep. More rabbits will be coming, lol.

    I'll keep an eye out for your email. I have tons of must see places in San Diego, lol. And I don't like you for going without me btw. ;)

  5. LOL. Check your email.

  6. Check YOUR e-mail, heheh.


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