Thursday, June 11, 2009

Past Pets Hall of Fame Part Two

Next I want to tell you about Cal. Cal was the cat that we got from the Humane Society in Vermont. We originally wanted a cat because we needed a mouser. Before Vermont, we had never had mice before and we tried things like traps and poison to get rid of them but living in the country next to open fields, that stuff did absolutely no good. Plus, the ding dong mice sat on top of the traps and ate the peanut butter out of them. So, we figured a good mouser could be the solution to our mice problems.

Cal was one of the neatest cats that I had ever seen. We visited him a couple times at the shelter before finally deciding he was the cat for us.  He was already a few years old when we got him, but still playful and personable. While still very cat-like, he also liked being around us and he was fun to have.

Unfortunately, he stopped using his litter box and started using our coats, the closets, and laundry baskets to do his business in. His timing was really bad because we were getting ready to move and I, in good conscience, couldn’t move an unpredictable cat into a rental house. Had we had more time, maybe I could have figured out a way to get him to use his litter box again but that wasn’t in the cards. So, Cal went back to the Humane Society. I still feel guilty about it almost three years later so no lectures please.

I would love to have another cat someday but the Mister is pretty against it. I love cats though. They’re gorgeous and graceful and I would really love to have one. Maybe I’ll wait until the Mister  is out of the country on a deployment or something, heheheh. Just kidding.

Anyway, here’s a couple pictures of Cal the cat.DSC00623



Wasn’t he just gorgeous? Oh. And Cal was an excellent mouser. He completely got rid of our mice problem.


  1. Aw, look at Cal the big tuzedo kitty! So sweet.

    I love hearing your pet stories.

  2. Cal is gorgeous, Trisha. Looks just like one of my grandmother's former cats. :-)

    My first cat, Parker, was a stray I adopted off the street. He's been such a wonderful cat. I grew up around dogs--always was a dog person--and then there was Parker. He opened my eyes to the joys of having a cat. He loves being around people and is such a lover. I can't imagine my life without cats now. Luckily for me, my husband is a cat person. I do wish he shared my love for dogs though too. Riley's grown on him, but I'm not sure he'd ever want to take in another dog.

  3. Thanks Pam. It's been a lot of fun digging the pictures out of boxes and remembering them all again.

    LF~~My husband is the opposite, being a dog person. Maybe I'll convince him to try out another cat someday and it'll grow on him like Riley grew on your husband.


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