Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Past Pets Hall of Fame

The Mister e-mailed me this morning asking me if I had a picture of my pet rat, Snickers. He said that a guy he works with doesn’t believe that rats can be nice. The stigma attached to rats and the stereotypes that people attach to them really annoys me. It’s definitely one of my pet (no pun intended) peeves. Rats are highly intelligent, smarter than most dogs, they have a personality, and they are good companions. I got my first rat when the Mister was in Japan. He kept me great company at night when the girls were in bed. When I lost my eyesight in my right eye for a few weeks, it was like he knew. He would sit on my shoulder and lick my right temple all the time. It was so sweet. So, I wanted to share the picture of him that I found for the Mister.


That was Snickers. Wasn’t he pretty? I really miss him. I’ve had several rats since Snickers but none of them were as great as he was. Maybe it was beginners luck, lol.


  1. What a sweet story! How long did he live?

  2. He lived for about two years. Being a rodent, a rat's life span is only about 2-3 years. :( He was fun though and I wouldn't mind having another one again.

  3. Such a sweetie! I remember one visit with friends of my parents one year. Their son thought he could scare me by putting his pet rat on my shoulder. Boy, was he surprised when I started petting her and picked her up and held her in my hands. I can't say I like rats at all of the wild variety--but as pets they are quite adorable.

  4. LF~~I'm not a fan of the wild ones either, lol. Pet rats are great though and I wish more people would give them a chance.

  5. I have had several rats growing up, they are cute! :)


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