Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Quest of Heroes: In the Sorcerers Ring by Morgan Price

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Title:  A Quest of Heroes:  In the Sorcerers Ring
Publisher:  I couldn't find it in my e-copy and didn't care to look elsewhere.
Pages:  480
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
Setting:  Some Tolkien knock-off world.
Where did you get it?  It was free from Google's Play Store
Why did you read it? Well, it was free, wasn't it? The reviews sounded promising. I also liked that this wasn't Price's first book and I was hoping that this could be a new author that I liked that had several books I could read.
From the publisher:  Ok. So I was going to copy and paste that part here, but it was too long and full of fluff. Blah blah. It's a book with a 14 year old kid in it trying to prove himself to his father and brothers. When he's rejected by some sort of elite band of soldiers, he goes off crying into the forbidden forest OOOOHHHH!! and meets a sorcerer who tells him he's destined for greater things AHHHHH!! Blah freaking blah. I can't tell you anymore than that because I gave up on this book in the third chapter.

It's touted as being a "Breathtaking new epic fantasy" in the same league as J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan. And hey, it was free from Google's Play Store as they were celebrating their first birthday. I also wanted to try out the Play Books app on my new phone. It just wasn't good. I plodded through as far as I did hoping that it would get better, pick up the pace, have a likeable character in it, drop a few of the cliches, break out of the mold that way better authors have forged, but I'm not punishing myself by pushing through anymore of a free book. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson it is NOT. Not even close.

I'm trying to think of at least one thing I liked about it and I liked the sheep. Sheep are cool. They're all wooly and they go baaaah. Yeah. I liked the sheep. Ok. And the cover looks cool too but you all know what they say about judging a book by its cover.

Oh. And I don't think I like the Play Books app either. The Nook and Kindle apps are nicer.

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