Friday, March 15, 2013

On Having a Good Week


I had a really decent week this week. Well, other than being a bit bored. Being a student takes up a lot of time and a lot of my focus. After finishing my classes on Sunday, I was aimless on Monday. The Youngest child was home sick with a fever and sore throat so I had pseudo company but not really since she couldn't talk and she slept most of the day, lol.

Tuesday on though, I kept myself busy. I decided that my blog is going to have more structure and more focus. This means that I am going to start scheduling posts with certain topics on certain days of the week. Some topics may have alternating weeks though. Some of the things I plan on being regular features are as follows:

Monday:  Craft, DIY, crochet, knitting, Pinterest Project day
Tuesday:  Teenager truism day
Wednesday:  Current events day
Thursday:  Books, reading, authors, writing day
Friday:  Things I love day
Saturday:  To Miss or Not to Miss (in San Diego)
Sunday:  Undecided

Mondays are pretty self-explanatory right?

Tuesdays though, I might expand that day to general parenting and/or posts about family. Frankly, I'm running out of teen-specific ideas. I was thinking that maybe I'd ask for topic suggestions for teen posts and/or have guest posters. I'd really appreciate feedback on this one.

Wednesdays will be special. The Mister has agreed to guest post on these days. Topics may include but are not limited to general politics and the military. He'll also be pulling things from the news. My aim here is to present current events fairly and to analyze and provide explanation thereof from both the left and the right. I'm sick of seeing purely biased opinions in the media and would like more balanced information.

Thursdays are self-explanatory.

Fridays will cover things I love like TV, music, makeup and beauty, technology, and maybe cooking and recipes. Those last two things sort of deserve their own day and they might end up being Sundays.

Saturday will be my continuing theme of writing about something I'll miss about San Diego versus something I won't miss.

Sundays, as I've said, are undecided.

What do you think? Pretty ambitious, right? In for a penny, in for a pound.


I am still off of Facebook. I don't miss it...AT ALL, lol. I didn't realize how much drama and negativity it was adding to my day until it stopped being. I've replaced it with Google+ where I get to choose my content. More or less. I've joined several communities on there and am thoroughly enjoying myself. That being said, I'll be back on Facebook on Wednesday as planned. I know I'm missing out on positive things from friends and family and shamefully, if I don't read it on Facebook, I don't find out about stuff at all because I don't call anybody and they don't call me. Sad but true. I can also tell, from my absence on Facebook, how many of my Facebook "friends" and "family" don't bother to read my blog. You suck and I wish a pimple on your butt for you.


  1. I always read it. I am super glad about the reenlistment. It would have sucked to be that close. I do not like that you guys are moving away. I hate that you live that close now and I don't see you. I blame my job. :)

    I also think cooking should be given it's own day.

    What did you get your degree in? I am sure you told me and I just can not remember.

    1. I know you read my blog. One of my few faithful readers, lol. I hate that we live this close and never see each other either. Life, kids, work, and school all suck. I look at moving this way: At least I have someone to visit/escape to in California. I hope you'll feel the same and visit us in Florida. Florida's panhandle has some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S.

      I agree about cooking.

      And I got a BA in English. Who the hell knows what I'll do with it now that I got it, lmao.


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