Friday, March 01, 2013

Helloooo!! March 1st!!

This has been one of those weeks where I've felt like I was on a roller coaster. Exactly. First of all, it had many ups and downs and secondly, it seemed to last about as long as a roller coaster ride. The Oldest child has been at the controls for the most part.

Monday:  Nothing of interest happened that I can recall.

Tuesday:  I had to get the Oldest child out of school early for an appointment. I tried getting this appointment clear back in September. It's a really long story. Suffice it to say, people dropped balls which caused the delay. Finally, we get to the appointment on Tuesday to find out that this isn't even the place that we need. Ball droppers referred us to the wrong freaking place. Now, this place might be able to be somewhat helpful in the end, but considering that we're moving in June, it isn't helpful, in this moment, to have wasted the last five months.

Wednesday:  The Mister gets an email from the Oldest child's history teacher telling us that she's missing assignments. Again. ::sigh:: How helpful is it to find out, after the fact, that she's missing assignments? All students at the Oldest child's high school are given weekly planners at the beginning of the school year. These planners are very nice and probably cost the school a good amount of money but they give them out for free. And they don't make the students actually use them. If they are used, assignments aren't signed off by the respective teachers. I suppose that there just isn't enough time in the day for teachers to do that for a couple thousand students. The school also has Parent Connect which is web portal where parents can log on and see their student's grades, assignments, and attendance. Again, we can only find out after the fact if assignments are missing using Parent Connect. But wait! There's more! Teachers also have their own websites where they can upload, well, whatever they want. One, ONE of her teachers uses their website to post upcoming assignments. One out of eight. How very helpful.

This e-mail arrives after I've already had an incredibly crappy day. By the time I learn of this e-mail, I am ready to explode. I want to slam doors and throw things. I literally had to make myself put down the glass from which I was drinking because I kept picturing myself throwing it against a wall. I hate cleaning up broken glass and I inevitably step on a missed shard and get it stuck in my foot.

After dinner, the Mister and I decided to get out of the house and leave the miscreants home to do chores and their homework in the relative safety of not being in my company. We went to Verizon to get my new phone. Staples to get school supplies. To Macy's to buy the Mister some of his favorite Calvin Klein boxers. To Godiva's to buy me a box of their dessert truffles. To Petsmart to buy the cat food. By the time we got home and I had treated myself to a strawberry creme dessert truffle, I was felling better. 

Thursday:  The Mister wakes me up before he goes to work to ask me, "Would you rather be mad now or later?" Geez. So I ask him what's up and he tells me that Bailey has eaten my entire box of Godiva chocolate. Well, all except for the truffle I ate the night before and the duplicate strawberry creme truffle that I guess wasn't to her taste. I was livid. That was a freaking $30 box of chocolate. Luckily, the dessert variety box doesn't have a lot of dark chocolate and it wasn't enough to be toxic to her. I gave her a stern talking to when I got up for the day and she hid upstairs for the entire rest of the day. She knew she'd screwed up royal. Then she apologized to me after dinner and we're friends again.

Friday:  It is such an unbelievable gorgeous day today in San Diego. Truly, you should be jealous. It's 81 degrees with a gentle breeze and a clear, blue sky. I have my doors and windows open to let in the day. I was also in the mood to cook and made myself huevos rancheros for breakfast. Then the Mister called while I was eating to say he was coming home to change his uniform so I made him some too. I've never made them before and I improvised my own version and they were YUMMY! So good. The Mister said he wanted them again for dinner they were so good but I've had my allotment of eggs. I was going to post a pic but they kinda look like slop on a plate. I need some cilantro for garnishment or something. I also need to modify my recipe because I used monterey jack cheese and it doesn't melt nicely at all. Still, it tasted just fine.

I also was semi-productive and cleaned the interior of my car. Windex, dust, clean, and vacuum. My windshield was so scummy that I could barely see out of it in the mornings with the sun shining in. I don't smoke. I don't touch my windshield. Why does the inside of it get so dirty? Oh. And I paid all of our bills for the entire month of March today. Yuppers!!

The weekend:  We don't have anything planned because the Oldest child is dog sitting for the neighbors until Monday morning. Next weekend however...

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