Friday, March 08, 2013

The Perfect Husband

This week, my husband has been on the ball. Earlier this week, I tell him that I treated myself to Starbucks on the way to pick the youngest up from school. He looks at me and says, "Please tell me you didn't go out in public dressed like that." Yeah. Open mouth, insert foot. For the record, I was wearing Marine Corps track pants, a matching t-shirt, flip flops, and I had my hair and makeup done. I'm not saying that I was dressed for the runway, but it's not like I was wearing a house robe and slippers.

Another day this week, we meet up for an appointment. Again, he looks at me and says, "What's up with your hair?" It's been rainy and drizzly all week!! I've been having a bad hair week!! Geez! In my defense, I was going to try and do something with my hair but the Oldest child swiped my hair dryer and in the natural disaster that is her room, I couldn't find it. I left my hair to dry au natural and it didn't dry in time to take a straightener to it. Sue me.

He did redeem himself yesterday though. The highlight of my day yesterday was to violate Bailey's privacy so that I could collect a poo sample to take to the vet. So yeah. I got to dig in poo, put it in a baggie, and troop it to the vet's office. One of three visits this week...JUSTSOYAKNOW! My day and then my night went down hill from there. The Mister surprised me with a bunch of tulips, my favorite flower, and a big box of Godiva truffles, my favorite chocolate. He can be a real sweetheart when he's not walking around, chewing on his enormous feet.

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