Friday, March 09, 2012

March 9, 2012: Five Question Friday

1. Are you looking forward to the time change this weekend? 

Yes and no. On the one hand, not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep. It's hard enough to get up in the morning. On the other, I like having daylight longer in the evenings.

2. Are you getting the new iPad/would you want a iPad?
Nope. Apple didn't make enough improvements to warrant the price tag. Heck. They didn't make enough changes to gain my interest. An iPad 2 would still suffice at this point in the game. 

3. If money was not a problem, what is the one thing you would splurge on?
A vacation. A kidless vacation.

4. How did you and the Mr. (or Mrs.) meet?
My then-sister-in-law introduced us and we went from there. 

5. Summer is right around the corner. Bikini or one-piece?
Ha. Yeah right. 

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