Thursday, March 22, 2012

Plant vs. Weed

I have a sad, wilted, green thumb. There are a few plants that I can manage to keep alive because they require little to no effort on my part:  succulents and cacti, tomatoes, peace plants, and whatever is growing in my kitchen window. Despite this, I love flowers and plants so I continually attempt to grow them and keep killing them as well. I have a trip planned to the nursery so I can restock my pots, heheh.

Last year, the Mister and I bought several plants and flowers and put them in some empty pots that I had. I put in that white crystal-y stuff that helps the soil stay moister longer and plant food in hopes that I would be able to keep this group of plants alive longer. Well, they all lasted through to the winter months then we had frost for which the weather people gave us NO warning, and I lost these lily-looking things, my lavender plant (I was most mad about the lavender plant because it smelled so good), and another green leafy looking plant that I forget what it is...err, was. I wasn't happy because I was feeling pretty pleased with myself that I had been able to keep these plants alive and well for several months. I guess it would have been about five or six months before the frost.

Now it's spring time once again and one of my pots is growing something. I'm not sure what it is but it's in the pot that had the lily-looking plants in it. If I remember correctly, those were annuals. I didn't do anything to them when they died except pull out the dead stems and throw them in the bushes. This left a completely barren pot. So, did those lilies manage to propagate on their own before having their lives cut short by evil frost or am I growing weeds in a pot???

I took a picture of the pot this morning and I will take another one at least once a week as updates and post them to my blog. You can click on the pic to make it bigger.

Plant or Weed?
The group of leafy stuff to the left, at 10 o'clock, has been growing for about two weeks now. The slender shoot directly to the right is a weed, I'm pretty sure. The two stubby things in the middle are what the leafy things on the left look like when they first break through the soil. I'd say they are four or five days old. The slender shoot on the bottom, right is the same thing as the other shoot and like I said, I'm pretty sure they are weeds.

So, there ya go. It's a plant adventure. ;)

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