Friday, April 06, 2012

April 6, 2012: Five Question Friday

1. Would you prefer having people over for dinner or going to their house?

I'd rather just eat out somewhere I think. That way nobody has to do the dishes.

2. Favorite Bible verse and why?

Even though I'm not religious, I like the "Judge not lest you be judged" or however that goes. All I can hear in my head is Metallica's version, lol. I like it because it should apply to everyone, religious or not but hardly anyone actually abides by it.

3. What was the first concert you ever attended, and the most recent one?

The first concert I ever attended was Metallica in 1996. It was awesome. The most recent concert was the Foo Fighters last year. Best show ever.

4. The year is 2025. What are you doing, and what have you done?

Let's see. That's 13 years in the future. My kids are 26 and 29 and I am 48. I'm probably a grandma by this time. I'm either living in California or Italy. I would like to think that I've gotten my master's by this point (I mean, geez) and I'm working in a museum or in a library. What I'd really like to be doing is living in Europe and doing the historical research that I long to do.5. What's your favorite Easter treat?

I like the Reese's peanut butter eggs.

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