Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plant vs Weed: Week 4

I'm really beginning to think that Plantweed is actually a lily plant. Looking down in the middle of the largest plant, I can see what looks to be buds. It's just really hard to believe that something that I was growing managed to propagate on its own after being killed off by frost last year. If this really does turn out to be a lily plant, EVERYONE must go out and buy their own because they would have to be deemed the easiest flower to grow. ;) Well, aside from dandelions.

I still don't have the snails under control. The espresso didn't seem to work all that well and I keep forgetting to save my egg shells. Considering that Easter was this past Sunday and we colored a dozen eggs then turned them all into deviled eggs, I would have had a lot of egg shells. But alas, I forgot and we threw away the egg shells. Another suggestion was to put hair around plants because snails don't like to slither across hair. But the thought of doing that grosses me out. Yuck. Can you imagine a patio full of pots with hair in them?!? Eew! Shivers.

Oh. And one last thing about Plantweed:  There are seven individual Plantweeds in the pot. I discovered more young'uns while I was picking out snails this morning.

In other news...

My mother-in-law went home today after visiting us for nine days. We had an absolutely fantastic time. We did San Diego touristy things like going to the Children's Pool to gawk at the seals, dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, shopping at Seaport Village, and we also took in an exciting Padres game. After the Padres game, she dropped the Mister and I off at the downtown Sheraton and we spent the night downtown and took in the Gaslamp. Too much of the Gaslamp to be honest, hehehe. I found two new yummy drinks that I love:  The Moscow Mule and the Lychee Girl. It had been so long since we've been out amongst people, that I had no idea what people are drinking nowadays. We sat at the bar and I watched the bartender making drinks and when she asked me what I wanted I said, "What did you just make in the mason jar?" When she told me it was a Lychee Girl, I told her that I'd take one of those. I did the same thing with the Moscow Mule which comes in a copper mug. Very cool drinks. We had so much fun. I'm sad that she went home today. Now what??

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