Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Thursday

I was going to do the Booking Through Thursday meme but my answer to this week's question is no. How boring is that? So, I'm skipping it this week. Maybe it's one that Jennifer S. can answer "no" to which doesn't require a lot of thinking and she'll post it on her blog, heheheh. ;)

It's Valentine's Day. I get to spend it alone but this is another "holiday" that the Mister and I don't pay that much attention to anyway. Other than buying my kids their cards to exchange at school and candy to fill my candy dish, this day is like any other. I'm such a bah humbugger, I know.

I finished Jane Eyre yesterday. I absotively LOVED it. I think it's one of my reading challenges books (I'm too lazy to check and too tired to remember) so I'll post a more in depth review sometime later. I'm kinda sorta behind on my reviews. I've finished four books since my last one. Oops.

And before I get any "tsk tsk's" I got quite a bit of reading for my classes done yesterday too and have formulated an outline for my Frankenstein paper which isn't even due for another two weeks. So, :P I decided to go the feminist route with the paper. Marxism just isn't my deal.

The Mister will be home tomorrow night. He has had a completely uneventful trip so far. He's pretty tired of eating out so on Saturday, I'm making his favorite for dinner: chicken parmesan. YUM! I'm pretty excited about that meal myself. Also, if it isn't too wet out, I'm having the yard maintained today in anticipation of the Mister's arrival home. The grass doesn't need mowed but my lawn care guy is going to take care of the pine straw and the leaves and trim the bushes as well. It's amazing how unkempt a yard can get down here in the winter. I've also come to hate pine trees. They are so FREAKING messy. Pine straw is EVERYwhere ALL the time. And in the spring, they release massive amounts of pollen so much so that EVERYthing is turned yellow. I have seven of the suckers in my front yard. SEVEN!!!!

Okay, I'm tired and rambling. I only got an hour or two of sleep last night. That's not enough, let me tell ya.


  1. oh, gah.....when I lived in SE Georgia I detested our pine trees. Pine needles everywhere! Although, I did love it as mulch. The problem was that I had so much of the stuff. I should have bagged it up and hauled it back home to TN to sell.
    I didn't do BTT either. Mine would be a no too.

  2. Okay... even I am not lame enough to answer that one, it is no.

  3. Pam~~All seven trees have the pine straw as mulch at their bases and then the bushes and stuff around the front yard do as well. It was like that when we moved in. All the rest of it is just extra mess.

    Jennifer~~Lame's a harsh word, lol.


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