Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Post Speaks for Itself

Last night, the Mister and I decided to pick up pizza for dinner. Yes, I do cook but nothing interesting happens when I do so I never post about it. Anyway, we went to 37th Street Pizza which we've never been to before but had heard that it's really good. We went in to order so that we could read a menu and decided to wait in the bar while they baked our pie. We sat down and ordered a couple drinks and the guy on the end asked me if the Mister was a leather neck. I told him that yes he was and then the three of us had a short conversation. Afterwards, he told the bartender that our drinks were on him. How nice was that!! I was so touched. Then, they brought our pizza into us at the bar and the same guy told the bartender that he was paying for that too. I told him that was too kind but he insisted. The whole experience served to remind me that not all people suck and some actually have really good hearts and still appreciate what our military service members do for them. Pardon me while I step down off of my soapbox. Oh. And the pizza was excellent.

So, the Mister left for MD this morning. Packing for him was really interesting. One person = 3 bags and a backpack, lmao. He complained the whole time that he was packing like a woman. Essentially, he was packing for four different people: Marine, business man, civilian, and student. He had to take ALL of his books AND his desktop computer since we didn't trust the laptop to behave well enough for him to get his school work done. He also had to take his dress uniforms and all their accouterments, his "proper civilian attire"which consists of dockers, button-down shirts, and ties, and then stuff like jeans and sweatshirts. CRAZIness. It's supposed to snow there this week too. HEHEHEHEH!!

You wanna know how uncanny the timing of his departure is? There was a police officer at my door about 20 minutes ago. My first thought was that I was finally one of "those" parents with hellions terrorizing the neighborhood. I was wrong but the real reason he was here isn't much better. I guess our street has been having a rash of break-ins. Houses and cars. I told the cop that it was nice of him to stop by and tell me this on the day my husband left for two weeks, lol. I'm really disturbed though. We live on a really quiet street in a quiet neighborhood. Well, at least I thought we did. I hate not feeling safe. Hopefully by making everyone aware of what's going on, they'll be able to put a stop to the crimes or at least the people responsible will be too worried to try anymore. Regardless, I'm going to go walk around my house and make sure everything is put up, locked up, and there's nothing that would tempt someone to our house. I also found out that the redneck-type people that live across the street and about 2 houses down have the police interested as well. These people always have about 5 or 6 cars parked in their yard (they have a long driveway and garage but they don't like to use it for some reason), they come and go ALL day long, and they can be loud. They're probably why it takes forever for houses to sell on our street. I always just chalked them up to being the neighborhood eccentrics. Everybody has at least one. But now since the police officer told me that "they are aware of that group", it makes me wonder what they're actually up to over there.

Anyway, I have a ton of last minute homework to get done before I start dinner. We're having turkey tetrazzini. It's one of our "Daddy Isn't Home for Dinner" meals. See? Told you I cook.


  1. 37th Street Pizza! OMG my dad used to take me there when I was a kid and he lived on his sailboat in New Bern. My nephews (who are 5 and 7 years younger than I am) used to run around that whole restaurant and pretend to play video games. I have such fond memories. I'm glad it's still there. And I'm so glad you and your husband were treated so nicely. :)

    - From Liz in Readers Anonymous.

  2. Liz~~That's neat that you used to go there as a kid. I'll have to take a picture and post it sometime. We'll def be going back. The service, pizza, and customers were great.


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