Friday, February 08, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane *Edited to Add...

Hold on to your pants, I'm going to San Diego. Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! That's right, Jennifer S. I booked my flight and purposely chose a ticket that was non-refundable so get the pull-out ready. I'm so excited I'm doing a happy dance in my chair. I can't believe it! After four years, I finally get to go back to California. I'll seriously probably kiss the ground once I get there.

Ok. I've got to get ready for my meeting this morning. My thoroughly unpleasant meeting. I'll post the deets plus the results of an un-scientific interview later.

**I probably should have mentioned that not only has it been four years since I've been to Cali, but it's been six years since Jennifer and I have seen each other face to face. I think. When did you move to Wisconsin, lol? So, not only is this going to be a much needed getaway for me, but I'm going to get to hang out with my much missed friend which is way more significant.


  1. That's great news, Trisha! I hope you will have a good time!

  2. YAYYYYYYY! We are going to have a fabulous time. :)

  3. LF~~Thanks. I know I'll have a good time.

    Jennifer~~We SO are going to have a fab time.

  4. I left for Wisconsin in November 2001. It was the week of Thanksgiving.

  5. I've been trying to figure out where you're from originally. California?

  6. Pam~~Thanks!

    Jennifer~~So, it will have been 6 years and 4 months since we have last seen each other when I get there. That's a looooong freaking time.

    Liz~~I answered your question in today's (2/9) post. At least I hope I did, lol.


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