Monday, February 25, 2008

Off and On

We had very sporadic Internet service last night until it finally went out altogether. I'm assuming the cable guy was here at some point today since I have Internet once again. I waited around until 1:30 for the guy to show up (I had a lovely 10-12 window) but nobody knocked on the door so I dunno. At any rate, here I am again.

I started watching a new series this weekend...well, new to me, old to everyone else. It's The L Word on Showtime. I watched the first two discs of season one and I have to say, I really liked it. It's weird, it's not like anything I've ever watched before, and you really have to overlook all the sex scenes cuz there's quite a bit of them. I told someone in my family that I started watching it and their reaction was, "But it's about lesbians!" I guess since I'm straight that means I can't watch it. But if I have to be able to relate to television shows 100%, there wouldn't be anything out there I could watch. No more Bones, Grey's Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Big Love (heheh), Weeds, and so on. There isn't one single show out there about a Marine wife/stay at home mom/full time student. I like Jennifer Beals and the guy that played Tim (he's on Ugly Betty now). What can I say?

We're kinda sorta, very tentatively, maybe, possibly looking at houses again. It's hard to decide if we want to buy here in N.C. or not when we're not really sure what's going to be what a year from now. It's really hard living in a rental that you don't like 100% after living in your own house though. At this point, we're just putting out some feelers and seeing what the housing market looks like here before we make any decisions. Also, we just signed a new one year lease but I think our landlord would be flexible about letting us out of it especially if we used him as our realtor. (He's a real estate broker.) Things with the Vermont house are very up in the air right now too. Even if nothing comes of it, it's fun looking at houses. I like to see what's out there and then construct my dream home in my head, lol.

Now, I'm off to do some homework. Not having my Internet last night threw off my entire week.

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  1. Hey Trisha,

    Can you send me your email address or mailing address? My sister wants to send you a thank you note for the flowers you sent while she was in the hospital. :)



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