Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Pissed Me Off

The timing of this story that I saw on the news about 15 seconds ago is eerily uncanny. One of our news channels profiled a story about a website that lists people, first and last names, as bad tippers. The website gets its contributions from waitstaff at various restaurants and they get their information off of credit card receipts. This is perfectly legal too, btw. Considering the outright lousy service that we had at the Outback, we still left a reasonable tip just because I feel bad when I don't. What pisses me off is that maybe the reason why they're getting bad or no tips is because their service SUCKS or the food is NASTY. I'm of a mind to start tipping according to the service that I receive and not because I feel obligated to do so. Tips, like respect, should be earned. Also, I'm perfectly aware that there are people that don't tip or don't tip enough because they're just rude, but I'm also perfectly aware that waiters and waitresses receive tips when they don't deserve them.

Also, I perused the database to see what's what and you wanna know what? While they post the first and last names of the so-called offender, they don't post the names of the servers. I think it would be telling if one certain server had frequent postings because this would say to me that they either have very rotten luck or they actually suck at their job. If they are so willing to post the names of the accused they should be willing to back that with their real names as well.

And I'm not posting the link to the website or the news story because I won't be a party to them getting traffic. Do your freaking job or get one where the majority of your wages isn't based on your people skills.

One last thing: No, I didn't see my name or anyone else that I know on the database. This isn't a personal rant, lol.


  1. I tip based on service, David tips big. Even terrible service gets more than I would leave. He once gave a waitress at Denny's a $20 tip. Mind you, she was fabulous, but I think our meal only cost about $20...

    Maybe to counter that we should all just start paying for meals with good old fashioned cash.

  2. I was thinking about paying with cash from now on too but cash is so inconvenient and we never know how much we're going to spend depending on if we decide to get appetizers and drinks or not.

  3. Maybe you need to start a site where people post the names of bad servers and where they work! bwhahaha

  4. Yes, I agree with Pam, but lets not just be negative. We can include the fabulous ones too.

  5. oh yeah, the good ones would be most helpful for sure.

  6. That's a good idea. I wouldn't have very many positive things to say at first though, lol.


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