Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Results Are In

The results of the voting were 12 for versus and 1 for vice. And now I can tell you what's what.

The Mister swears up and down that saying vice is an acceptable alternative to saying versus. Can you guess where the one vote came from, heheh? He also said that if the guys from his shop had voted, there would have been more votes for vice because they all say it. According to the Mister, people at the six sigma classes he took in Maryland used the word vice in that manner too. Before the Mister, I have never heard anyone use that term in that way and I always tease him about it. Maybe it's a Marine thing. I dunno. I think the results of the voting are very telling in my opinion though.

To everyone who voted, thanks. :)


  1. I've never seen nor heard vice being substituted for versus. Maybe they like running the two syllables together so they aren't taking so long to talk. ;-) Or maybe they've made up a pronunciation for the shorthand "vs" and forgotten it's short for versus not vice.

  2. LF~~I have no idea how it came about. Marines are notorious for shortening everything though so I shouldn't be surprised that they think vice is normal, lol.


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