Thursday, February 21, 2008

Picky, Picky

The story of our trip to the Outback isn't a huge deal. I'm just starting to think that I'm too picky and I expect too much from the food service industry. Anyway, to begin with, we give our name to the girl and she said the wait would be about 25-35 minutes. We didn't consider that to be too terrible so we settled in to wait. We waited an hour for a table. By this time, my patience was pretty low and I was thinking that the food had better be worth it since we had never been there before and didn't know what it was like. Our waitress took our drink orders and I ordered a mixed martini which was on the specials menu. The girl brings me my drink in a regular martini glass with about a shots worth of drink in it. She asks me if it's ok and I'm like, "This is it? This is $7.50 worth of drink? The glass isn't even half full." She looked like she expected that sort of reaction and said she'd take it back to the bar and ask if that's how it was supposed to look. A couple minutes later she brings my glass back filled with strawberry mix. Whatever. I took a drink and there wasn't enough alcohol in there to get a flea buzzed. As for the food, my shrimp and scallops were overcooked and the Mister said that we make better steaks on our grill at home which is exactly what we did Tuesday night. We might go back and give it a second chance but I'm not in any hurry to do so.

Below is my drink. It's the after picture though because I didn't have the opportunity to take a pic before the waitress took it back to the bar. The line, however, shows where the glass was filled the first time she brought it to me. All the other times I've ordered martinis, the glass was filled to the brim but oh well.

In other news, the Mister and I are on the hunt for a Wii. A very unsuccessful hunt. We have looked everywhere and nobody has one. I've looked at every online retailer that sells them and they don't have any either. We wanted to get one for the youngest child's birthday tomorrow but it isn't going to happen. Nintendo needs to get off their collective butts and start manufacturing these a bit faster. Everyone we spoke to said that Nintendo sends them Wii's when Nintendo feels like it and in whatever amount they feel like sending. Nice. So, she's getting something else that was on her list and we'll get the Wii at the first available opportunity as a gift for the entire family. This is the first time that the Mister and I have bought a gaming console for somebody other than ourselves, lol. It's a weird experience. I guess we're growing up.


  1. What a crappy Outback expereince. I think a lot of horrible experiences really depend on the management. There was one Outback near our house that we loved to visit and one day management changed and the service was HORRIBLE. It was as if everyone had their brains sucked out.

    Good luck on your hunt for a wii. We got into that circus before Christmas and it was so frustrating. I had success with and got one from Amazon when they stocked them. some websites load Sunday ads early so you'll know if they had a wii in the ad for the week. Most likely, if it's in the ad, they expect to get some.

  2. I have David on the look out and he works in electronics at Wal-Mart. He'll know when they are getting them and can set one aside. Wii's are soooo cool. We love ours. We have a bunch of games and stuff.

  3. Pam~~We seem to be having bad experiences eating out no matter where we go. That's why I'm beginning to think it's just us.

    Thanks for the advice about the Wii. I'll keep my eye on the ads.

    Jennifer~~That'd be cool if David could hold onto one for us. It would make it easier on me, lol.

  4. The Wii is on it's way. Lucky. The Walmart only got a few and you had one before the customers even knew they were in the store. :)

  5. Jennifer~~The Mister is excited, lol. The kids will find out when it gets here. M remembered that I was supposed to look for one today but I told her I didn't feel like going, lol.

  6. Tell him to remember to share with the kids. Now they will have something new to do while you are here. :)


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