Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Boy! Don’t get on the computer for a day and playing catch up takes forever. I made a conscientious decision to not spend the whole day at my comp yesterday. Hence, I didn’t check my e-mail, blog, respond to comments, Plurk, Twitter, and whatever else I may do on any given day. As a result, I had over 100 e-mails to attend to, tons of responses that I missed on Readers Anonymous, I have no idea what happened in the news yesterday, 108 Plurk responses, 63 unread items in my Google Reader, as well as a host of other stuff. I’m going to be MIA Monday and Tuesday too with taking the girls to Asheville. My inbox will be a nightmare, lol.

So, how'd I spend my computer free day? I cleaned the family room and the kitchen. I watched two movies with the youngest child. Oh. I was online long enough yesterday to pay bills and balance my check book. Fun, fun. Our elliptical machine was delivered and the Mister and I  put it together yesterday. I watched the season two premier of Flipping Out. I finished a book and I’m in the middle of reading another. And I didn’t miss the Internet one little bit.

This morning I got my first workout on the elliptical. Boy!! Am I ever out of shape. I barely made it for 15 minutes. I’m going to try and get another 15 in this evening too. I LOVE it though. It has pretty neato features on it and I like the “walk in the park” workout. The only negative is that it kept telling me my heart rate was 72 and I know after 15 minutes my heart rate was way faster than that. Maybe I’m not gripping the handle thing correctly. Something to research. We had a little drama concerning the machine this morning though.

We unpacked it outside and brought it in the house piece by piece because the delivery guy said that the grime on the box would stain the carpets. After we had all the pieces inside, we had the girls clean up the minor mess of Styrofoam and then break the box down for recycling. It wasn’t much and it was about ten minutes worth of work. This morning, the Mister e-mailed me from work and told me that the girls’ way of cleaning the mess was to stuff the Styrofoam behind the bushes and now we have bits of Styrofoam all over the yard. I confronted the girls and the oldest child admitted that it was her doing. Now, she’s outside cleaning the entire yard and after that she has to clean the living room. She proceeded to tell me that she was not going to clean the living room because she doesn’t want to and then I had to threaten bodily harm. That resulted in her stomping to her room to change her clothes and haul her butt outside to clean. Now she’s on the front porch, as I type, pouting and probably thinking that she’s thrilled to be leaving this dark, mean dungeon in five days, heheh. Drama, drama, drama.

One last thing on the elliptical…I ordered it from We got the free supersaver shipping or whatever it’s called which saved us $120. Our estimated time of arrival was 6/19 which is why I was so shocked when the delivery guy called last night to see if he could deliver it. What’s more, it turns out that it would have been delivered last week had he had the correct contact phone number for me. I’m not sure why Amazon had the correct mailing address online but not the correct phone number, but whatever. That’s pretty amazing delivery in my opinion though. Besides the fact that the delivery guy said we had to take the wooden pallet it came on, I was impressed with the delivery. Any suggestions what I should do with a pallet??

Now I’m off to catch up with my blog reading, my Readers Anonymous reading, and to work. Please, keep me in your thoughts that the oldest child’s mood will not result in my going insane.


  1. Oh..I didn't know you watch Flipping Out. I adore that show! I saw most of it last night but fell asleep. It's on my TiVo though so I need to catch up on the episode. Weird to see his taking ordrs this time. heehee.

    What a deal on the elliptical getting it shipped on SuperSaver. That's quite a savings there. Big incentive to buy something from them for sure.

  2. Yeah. That guy is so funny. I like watching house flipping shows and his OCD is off the charts. The Mister gets annoyed watching him but he still watches and then gripes the whole time which is also funny,lol.

    I was completely happy with my Amazon purchase. I don't think I've ever bought something so expensive online before which made me a little nervouse, but I didn't have the least bit of trouble.


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