Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Day

We finalized the plans for getting the girls to Ohio. Turns out that I get to drive them to Asheville to meet my dad and stepmom halfway a week from Monday. The Mister has an inspection at work that he can't get out of so I get to make the six hour trip myself. I've driven 13 hours by myself from VT to Ohio so six hours is not that bad. This time, I'll have my GPS whereas the first time I had a map and two kids that hadn't a clue how to read it, lol. I'm totally looking forward to touring the Biltmore. Asheville was actually my idea because I've always wanted to see it.

Also today, we drove to Jacksonville to buy a mat for our new elliptical machine, food for Bacon the guinea pig, dog food, beads for crafts, rechargeable batteries, AND...I hit the Barnes and Noble and bought June's book plus TWO more which I'm totally excited about reading. I'll post more about them on another post.

Lastly, we're grilling black angus ribeyes and broccollini for dinner and I'm roasting potatoes in the oven. I was outside with the Mister putting the broccollini on the grill and got bit three times by mosquitoes. They're evil down here.

Tomorrow our plans are to veg. The Mister has homework to do and I have reading to do. Yay! Reading!


  1. Dinner sounds good! :-) Except for the mosquitoes.

    We didn't stop off at a bookstore today while out and about. I think my husband purposefully avoided any. LOL We went a couple of days ago though, so I have no complaints.

    I am glad you were able to work out the arrangements to get the girls to Ohio. The most I've driven by myself was about 430 or so miles one way to visit my parents in the northern part of the state. I made the trip back a few days later. I really prefer not to drive that long on my own, if I can help it though.

  2. Dinner was excellent.

    I totally prefer not to drive long distances alone too but I don't really have that much of a choice here. Plus, having the GPS will make things easy and I'll have my iPod for company on the way home. ;)


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