Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home and Kidless

I made it back home from Asheville.  I do NOT like driving that long by myself. The trip there was okay because the girls kept me company but six hours in a car with nobody to talk to isn’t my kind of fun. Also, Greensboro was confusing as heck because my GPS was lost the whole time. I seriously need updated maps for it. Or at the very least, an actual atlas, lol. My phone was dead the whole way home too because the car charger wouldn't charge it and I didn't bring the other charger.

The kids are in Ohio with their grandparents. They called and texted me last night. I miss them pretty bad right now. It’s not even any fun to have the house all to myself today. The dogs being depressed doesn’t help either.

Asheville was okay. The downtown area is confusing because they don’t use a lot of street signs. We went out for dinner at this place called Salsa’s. It’s Latin/Caribbean food that was WAY overpriced in my opinion. We all agreed that while the food was okay, it wasn’t good enough for us to want to go back. Oh well, right? Western North Carolina is very beautiful with all the mountains. It reminded me a lot of Vermont in the summer. Even so, I don’t care if I ever get to go back. I prefer the beach.

Now, I’m up to nothing. Sitting here at my computer is the very last thing that I feel like doing. I know. Big shock there. I just need to get used to the kids being gone.

That’s it. I have nothing else I feel like saying. This post sucks butt. I wouldn't have even bothered except for the fact that it's been a couple days since I posted. I’ll be in better form later. I hope.


  1. I love visiting Asheville. Did you have a chance to see Biltmore?

  2. I love Asheville also. Quite enchanting. After 4 hours of touring Biltmore, I got a little worn out.

    Maybe if you didn't miss your kids so much, you probably would have enjoyed it a little more. Maybe next time...:-)

  3. Pam~~We were going to go to Biltmore Tuesday morning but I decided that I just wanted to get home. I hate putting the inevitable off and I knew saying goodbye to the kids was going to be hard. Maybe next time.

    People~~My kids were with my while I was there. But you're right to an extent. If I hadn't been sad about them leaving, I would have had more fun.


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