Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Did you know this is the only Friday the 13th in 2008? I tend not to be superstitious about these kinda things. I only have one superstition and I’m not even sure that’s what it would be considered. See, we have this lemur that the oldest child got out of a happy meal from McDonalds back in 1998. We had gone out to lunch or something with us (The Mister, the oldest child (the only child at the time) and me) and a couple Marines that the Mister was in MOS school with in Pensacola. Joe, one of the Marines, took the lemur and clipped it around the passenger side vanity mirror and the lemur has been in every car we’ve had since. He’s brought us pretty good luck when it comes to traffic accidents and moving violations. Before moving to N.C., the last speeding ticket the Mister had gotten was in 1996 and the various car accidents and fender benders the Mister has been in, he wasn’t found to be at fault in any of them. I’ve been pulled over once and I got off with a warning and I’ve never been driving while in a car accident. I’m not sure what happened here in N.C. (3 speeding tickets, one on base speeding violation, and one warning all within a year’s time) so the lemur gets lots of pets and attention now in hopes that his luck will return. Seriously. I pet him and talk to him occasionally. We thought that maybe his luck had run out because he had reached the end of his life. After some research though, ring-tailed lemurs live to be 18 in the wild and ours is in a protected environment so he’d live even longer so that’s not the problem. We need to find a good luck charm for the Scion because the lemur can’t be in two places at once. I’ve been giving it some thought but I don’t think it can be anything that we pick out specifically or it won’t work. The lemur wasn’t even our idea. And boy! Does the Scion need something. We got it back in March and it already has a dent in the driver side door, two dings and a paint scrape in the passenger side door, and sap that won’t come off windshield and rear hatch which has probably ruined the paint. The dent in the driver side door happened before I had even made the first payment if you’ll recall. It seems to be a magnet for inconsiderate people and tree sap.

Here’s a picture of our lemur from his perch in the Rav4. Isn’t he cute?



  1. He is a cute lemur! I don't have any sort of good luck charm. I take that back. Sometimes when I am going to an important meeting and am especially nervous, I make sure I am wearing my cross necklace. I'm not particularly religious, but I do love my cross.

    It really hadn't crossed my mind that yesterday was Friday the 13th. I've been so out of it lately. At least I got my husband's grandmother's birthday card in the mail.

  2. You're doing better than me then. I didn't get Father's Day stuff for anyone. I really suck at holidays.


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