Friday, November 10, 2006

Customer Service Woes

I must have a higher standard when it comes to sales, customer service, and product quality than most people. I was infuriated by XM Radio, irritated by bad Chinese, and I refuse to shop at Walmart for a lot of reasons one being that they sell inferior products. Yesterday's experience with Jiffy Lube and Black Inc. Realty was no exception to me bringing out my measuring stick.

First off, I had set an appointment with Black Inc. for them to come out to the house so that we could discuss them managing it as a rental. The appointment was for 9:30 and they no show/no called me. These are the people that we had considered allowing them to watch our house, collect rents, and deal with any maintenance problems that should occur since checking on the house from N.C. on a regular basis would be impossible. Then they don't even bother to show for the appointment. This does not instill a feeling of security in me at all. How am I supposed to consider them to be reliable and at 12% of the rent we'd have to pay them monthly for their services?

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon when I took the 4Runner in for an oil change. I hit the Jiffy Lube as I was pressed for time. They had me in and out in less than 20 minutes complete with an oil change, new air filter, top off of the other fluids, air in the tires, vacuum the floors, and they even showed me how to reset the maintenance light and all for about $60.00. Now this is service. Am I wrong here?

This is what I expect from any place of business where I'm about to spend any amount of money. Not long-ass lines where I'm standing there for 20 minutes at one of two open lanes in a store (Walmart) that has 20-something check out lines, and not rubbery Chinese food, and not to be harassed via multiple phone calls from undereducated idiots.

I'm sorry to have such high standards but if I wanted to throw money away I'd flush it down the toilet myself. And by the way, Walmart could be a whole post unto itself but I'm not in the mood for a Walmart rant this morning.

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