Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Management Does NOT Equal Better Management

I decided to try out what used to be our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch today. It used to be the Dragon Phoenix when we first moved here and they had decent food at really great prices. Then, they got into some trouble for having an underage party in their back room and closed shortly thereafter, heheh. A few months back they reopened under new management and a new name (I can't remember what it is) so I thought I'd grab some take out and give it a try. It was baaaaaad! Over cooked and cold. Needless to say, I won't be going back and as we've tried another Chinese place in town here and they sucked too, I'll have to put my Chinese food cravings on hold until we move. I'm not willing to take any more chances.

I also drove by some new apartment buildings they're constructing in Montpelier. They look really nice but totally out of place since they're modern looking and everything else in Montpelier is Victorian. The contrast is really noticeable and the buildings look incongruous. I bet the rent is astronomical too.

Oh! And last night's new recipe was a huge hit with the whole family. It'll definitely be added to our list of faves. Fun, fun.


  1. Do you actually think they will have good Chinese food in NC? What are they gonna serve... orange chicken and grits?

  2. Hey! Don't stomp on my hopes, lol. I'm trying to be optimistic here.


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