Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm Back. Again. For the Third Time Today

I'm annoyed. I posted a classified ad online for our house as a rental earlier tonight. I just went to check on my listing and there was some other schmuck that copied my posting almost WORD for FREAKING WORD only changing pertinent info like school district and town since their house is in Jay Peak and mine isn't. I am so completely peeved. C says I'm being petty but it wasn't his words that were copied. Although, most Vermonters that we've run across in our 2.8 years here haven't exhibited a normal level of intelligence let alone having a firm grasp of the English language. I suppose I should cut this idiotic moron some slack but couldn't resist replying to his listing with a scathing and sarcastic e-mail.


And speaking of being petty, I wish someone could explain to me and draw a definitive line between being petty and letting yourself get walked all over. I'd really like to freaking know.

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