Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Things You See

I was at the mall today and saw the most idiotic thing: Two guys, probably around the age of 20 or so, camped out in front of WalMart, tent and all, with a sign saying, "PS3". Yes. That's right. They were camping in front of the WalMart waiting for the release of the new PS3 tonight at midnight. What freaking morons. A.)If, for some odd reason, I decided to camp out on the cement in front of WalMart on a night where we're getting 50mph wind gusts, I certainly wouldn't admit why. And 2.) While walking in the mall entrance, I overheard one of their friends saying how they saw one of the guys' girlfriends getting into the car with another girl. If I were either one of their girlfriends, I'd be getting into the car of another guy while saying, "Get a life." This system is going to cost between $500 and $600. Can't we all think of something more worthwhile to be spending that kind of money on??? Maybe I'm finally at that point in my life where video games just aren't as life consuming as they used to be because it sounds completely ridiculous to me to spend $500+ on a damn game. JMO though.

I wish like heck that I'd had my camera on me cuz I sure as shoot would've taken a pic and posted it here, lmao. And yes! Our mall has a freaking WalMart in it. That's how special Vermont is. Don't be too jealous.


  1. Seriously, what a bunch of losers!!! I think I was once married to one of those guys... oh wait no... my loser is here probably camping out in front of the Game Stop across the street from his house.

  2. "Seriously, what a bunch of losers!!!"

    You're telling me.

    "my loser is here probably camping out in front of the Game Stop across the street from his house."

    I wouldn't doubt it, lol.


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