Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here I Go Again

I have a lot to say today apparently. Deal with it.

I just got done reading this woman's blog (it's not linked here so don't bother looking) and it was pretty interesting. First off, she's another person disillusioned with religion, namely Mormonism. I know next to nothing about Mormonism so I'm not going to attempt to comment about it but I did feel a kinship with her regarding how I feel about religion. However, what really made me do a double take was that she was ranting about her husband. That's something that I've totally avoided doing on my blog. Even if I weren't being stalked by people he works with and for, I still wouldn't do it. I don't think a public blog is the place to air your marital woes. There are basically two people that I complain to about my husband and it doesn't happen that often since we don't really argue too much. You can't go by these last three years because I don't count them. I remember back when we first got together and we were sitting together in a chair and my then-sister-in-law said that we should enjoy that while it lasts because eventually we won't want to sit next to each other. Is it any wonder her marriage didn't last? 11 years later and C and I still sit together on the couch or even in the chair if we're in the mood to squeeze our fat butts into the same recliner, lol.

Another reason why I wouldn't post our arguments online for strangers to read is that when we do argue it isn't over something dumb like money. It's over real issues that are totally nobody's business. Also, I think it would be a form of betrayal to my marriage and to C specifically to post about our problems online rather than go to him. Furthermore, I don't want advice from people that I don't know, lol.

So, climbing down off of my soapbox there is one reason in this world that would turn me to lesbianism: A woman sits on the toilet and doesn't pee all over the freaking bathroom. So, there.

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