Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Disgusting Issue

Why am I choosing to discuss something disgusting this morning? Well, because I can. People tend to leave the disgusting issues alone all the while wondering about them. Decorum says that you shouldn't discuss disgusting issues in mixed company or just in public at all but I've never been one to allow society to dictate how I should behave. Hence why I also don't believe that children's sports shouldn't keep score, why you shouldn't cry if you don't get a gift bag at someone else's birthday party, and why I also think it's a little on the ridiculous side to make a child who is 8 years old still sit in a booster seat in the car. I happen to follow that last rule just because I don't want to have to pay a ticket if I were to ever get pulled over by the police.

So, what's my disgusting topic you're wondering? Musty nose. At least that's what C and I call it. You know what I'm talking about and I'm not referring to a wine connoisseur's term. I'm talking about that disgusting odor that sometimes manifests after somebody sneezes. What the heck is up with that?!?!?! And what causes it?? And it lingers worse than some other disgusting bodily odors that shall not be named in this post. I just don't know. I was watching Oprah a few weeks back, which is something else I usually avoid doing because of societal standards, but this was an interesting episode. She had a guest doctor on the show that was answering all the embarrassing questions that people are usually too afraid to ask. Why one would choose to do so on an internationally syndicated talk show is beyond my understanding but there ya go. Anyway, musty nose never came up. Everything else under the sun did, but not musty nose. And I know that this is an issue that a lot of people have because you can't hide it and I've been a witness to other people's mustiness.

There you go. My disgusting discussion topic of the day. I think I should make this a weekly feature for those of you too afraid to bring these things up in polite society.Hmmm...

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