Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So, I've had nothing to say that past couple of days. Sunday, we went shopping which is always a good time but didn't really get anything interesting. The best thing about it was dinner out at Al's French Frys. YUM but very not good for you. That's why we hardly ever go there but sometimes you just can't resist. Know what I mean?

Yesterday was special however. Bob, my m-i-l's husband stopped in for dinner last night. He's here hunting bear but without much luck. Too bad he's not here for turkey because I've seen about 40 of them over the last two days in the field by our house. Anyway, we had a nice dinner and a nice visit.

Now, I'd like to rant for a minute if I may and I may because this is my blog. Most of you already know about my recent run-in with XM Radio. Well, I was listening to it this morning and on two different channels I heard two different commercials. One was for Proactive and the other was for some real estate thing. WTF?!?!!? I thought the whole freaking point of XM Radio was that there were no commercials and that you could get it anywhere since it's satellite. Neither of which seems to be the case anymore. We live in a mountainous region so our reception can be spotty at times and now with the commercials, I may as well be listening to the regular freaking radio for free. I am soooo NOT a happy customer. As a matter of fact, I'm checking out the XM website right now and this is what they
say they offer:

Commercial free music playing each genre
Direct quote from their website. Is that or is that not false advertising, the freaks?

Oh! AND, I got a call this morning from the woman from the at the rental management company confirming our appt this morning. Ummm...That was
last Tuesday you schlep. And then she was like, "Oh. I was wondering why we made that appt a week out." Yeah, you dope. We didn't. Then she has the nerve to ask if I would like to reschedule. Lmao. Yeah, right. I actually have another appointment in 15 minutes with another rental management company and then I have a showing scheduled tonight for 6, lol. No calls for a showing for a month and then the very week I plan on taking the house off the market, we get a call. Ironic, eh? So, I gotta get ready for my appointment. Till next time...

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