Friday, May 30, 2008

Check, Check

The youngest child's publishing party was neat. All the kids wrote nonfiction books about an animal and read them aloud to all the parents and grandparents. Mine chose to write about Boxers. I wonder why. ;) The sad thing is that because of my meeting, I had to leave early. I got to hear all the kids' stories, but they were having refreshments afterwards and I couldn't stay for that. It's the first time in either of my kids' lives that my work has affected them. It made me really, incredibly sad and I felt like slime. The very lowest order of slime. Now I know how my husband has felt when he's had to miss things because of work. The three years we lived in Vermont, I think he made it to 3 or 4 of their events, meetings, or appointments the entire time. I think that's what makes this job such a good one for me. Not only does it give me experience, but it's easing me back into the working world. I think if I were working full time outside of the home and missing all or most of the kids' things or having to make extravagant arrangements to go, I wouldn't last.

So, check, check. Two of my weekend things done.

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