Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I read a lot about Monday funkiness around the Net yesterday which made me feel somewhat better that it wasn't just me. The Mister came home from work in a bad mood and the kids were a bit touchy too. Everyone in our house kept to our own corners last night. Posting my post yesterday (which nobody seemed to want to touch, you chickens) didn't help in the least. It also didn't help that a friend called out of the blue, said she was coming over, and three hours later called to say she had a contagious illness and couldn't come over after all. At least she gave me three hours to bust my ass (pardon the French) to clean my house for no good reason. Holy cow!! I'm still in a bad mood, lol. Trying to move on...

Did anyone catch last night's Medium? Was it or was it not AWESOME!! I won't give anything away in case someone has it waiting for them on their DVR but I LOVE that show. And Bones!! OMG! I had read online at TVGuide that it had a surprise ending but I totally didn't see that coming. The Big Bang Theory was positively hilarious too. I am so glad that it got renewed for next season and didn't become a victim of the strikes.

Something to make us all laugh. I just took this picture of Hannah. The girls dressed her and brought her in for me to see.

Now didn't that make you giggle a little?? I truly hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


  1. I have not watched Medium yet because I have to watch it with Carolynn and she is asleep by 10. I have it on DVR and am so watching it when I get home.

  2. Cool beans. You'll have a good time with it.

  3. I started to watch it but Carolynn had a attitude that needed adjusting in the middle and I didn't watch the rest yet. That will be my goal for today. I was so good so far.

  4. I just got done scuffling with my oldest. Sometimes kids suck.

  5. OMG... that episode was so creepy. Gross. And the chick, Kelly Preston, I didn't see that coming.

  6. Yeah. It was great. As for Kelly Preston's character, I hated her from the beginning but I didn't think it'd end that way. I wonder if we'll get to see her reaction to Joe's new partnership. That would be funny.


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