Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kid Drama

We had a rough night with the kids last night. They were fighting like cats and dogs, which is something they rarely do. Both of them ended up in bed at 8 pm on a Friday night. Much screaming and crying ensued. For their punishment today, I made them write letters of apology to each other and then to us, the Mister and me, for their behavior. They also have to clean the kitchen. I gave them a choice: It was either the letters and the kitchen or they were going to be grounded to their rooms for the entire day, no tv, no computer. They chose to write the letters and clean the kitchen. Just now, the oldest child comes in and asks me, "By cleaning the kitchen, did you mean the WHOLE thing???" I replied that of course I meant the whole thing. Then she said, "Man! I should have stayed in my room!" LMAO!!! Kids. They are so funny.

In other news...

I completed my first day's work yesterday. My hours are restricted until my boss can get a feel for what I can do so I have a light load this week. I would be willing to put in three times the amount of work, but I understand her reasoning. I really can't wait to dive in and grind the stone though.

It's raining here again. And it's COLD. It's only 61 degrees right now. I had to go around and close up my windows cuz my house was getting chilly. The rain is supposed to clear out tonight and be nice the rest of the weekend though. Yay!


  1. Wow... your punishments are getting as bad as mine. Letter writing is evil. Sort of like being made to pick up neighborhood trash...

  2. I love the idea of making them write letters of apology - what a great idea!

  3. I have to hope that they got something out of writing the letters. I figure that it was better than my usual yelling and grounding which doesn't seem to make much difference.


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