Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Things

I can't believe that I forgot to blog about this yesterday. My retardo dog, Hannah, busted through a pane of glass on my back door yesterday. She gets really excited about going outside and jumps at the door. This time, she broke a window. Now I need to figure out what to look for in the phone book so that I can get the glass replaced before my landlord finds out. I love my dogs but Hannah is sometimes hard to like.

Secondly, here's a followup to my whining about my business professor. If you'll recall, she gave very vague instructions on how to prepare for the exam. These same exact, word for word, instructions were all that was included with the actual exam too. It was supposed to be a six page essay with a model (that was the vague part) on leadership and change. We had to include cites from our text book as well as cites from four different websites. Well, I managed to reference my text book and two different websites but I didn't include the names of the websites (they were long and unmanageable titles) or the web addresses so they were very vague references. I also only wrote 3 1/2 pages and didn't waste my time attempting to include a model. Not my best work at ALL but I really had no idea what she was looking for. My grade? 100%. Yup. Apparently what I wrote qualified as perfect. I'm not complaining about my grade, but my professor was clearly sub-standard. She sucked. Suck, suck, suckerson. She sucked. I could have taught this class and better than she did too. Whatever. It's over and I'm done talking about it.


  1. Oh no! I hope Hannah is okay and that you are able to get that window fixed before the landlord finds out. My dog jumps on the window to let us know he wants in. I wouldn't be surprised if ours would break--it's a really old window as it is. I kind of wish it would break so I had an excuse to replace it. :-) We aren't making any big house plans though until after we find out if our house will be replaced by a road. Hopefully we'll know by the end of September.

    Congratulations on your 100%. That's too bad that the professor was so under qualified though. I just learned that one of my coworkers has signed on as a trainer for a consulting academy and instead of assigning her a class she knows something about, they are having her teach something she knows little about. She got a big curriculum book, but I imagine it's not exactly what she was hoping for.

  2. LF~~She's fine. The glass spidered when it broke but none of it came out of the door.

    That's odd that they'd assign your friend a class she's unfamiliar with. You would think everyone's purposes would be better served by giving her a class she's more versed in.

    That's crazy about your house. You'll have to keep us posted on what happens.

  3. HA! I figured that professor was just blowing smoke...your description of her was dead on to one of mine back in the day. You didn't know what the heck she wanted and struggled to put something together to find out she'd give you a great score anyway.

    Glad you dog is okay, that sounded scary.


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