Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dumb Men

The guy from the glass replacement place finally showed up to measure my door just a few minutes ago. While he was measuring, he starts to tell me how easy it would be to do the work myself. Then he stops and looks up and says, "Are you married?" I replied that I was and he said that my husband could fit the glass in easy enough. HELLO!!!!! I don't usually get all tied about women's rights and stuff but I would be just as capable of fitting in the glass as the Mister would be thank you very much. I'm really not big on home repairs preferring to hire a professional, but if all I need is a utility knife and a flathead screwdriver, I think I could handle it. I do own my own sander. It's mine. I bought it to refinish my deck at the Vermont house. So there. I own my own power tool. ;) Granted, I won't go near the power saw but I'm not afraid to use a drill or my sander or a freaking flathead SCREWDRIVER!!!!

And btw, it took this "efficient", "capable" man NINE days and three phone calls just to show up at all. That's just counting work days too.

Tell me I need a man....


  1. I inherited my handy 'skills' from my Dad. He never found a level surface he could make crooked! I've know plenty of men who aren't handy. Luckily, I married one who was. He's also a great cook! (I inherited my cooking skills from my Mom...)

  2. You probably need to get a baseball cap with a tool company logo on it - that might have impressed him..

  3. I wish I was more handy than I am. My husband's not much better though so I don't feel so bad. :-) I can do basic stuff as long as I know exactly what I'm doing, just nothing complicated.

  4. So did Tim the Tool Man get the window fixed? Or will that take a few more days? Perhaps he has to find his screw driver.

  5. Chris~~I wouldn't say that either my hubby or I am handy but we are capable of simple to moderate fixes.

    Cardinal (I laughed typing that out)~~I'll have to give that a try next time.

    LF~~I wish I were more handy too. But I can't do everything. ;);)

    Arlene~~I'm still trying to decide if we're going to fix it ourselves or not. If it were my house, no question I'd do it myself. If I screwed it up, it's my house. But this is a rental so I'm not sure.

  6. you let that man out of your house without kicking him square in the...

    What an ass. I had a similar experience at a car dealership once. I didn't buy my car there, but I did go back and show it too the fool.

  7. Jennifer~~I couldn't beat him up because he's the only person in town who will fix my window.


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