Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blog Stats

This came up the other day in my book discussion group and now I'm curious so I totally expect comments on this post and I've never said that before.

1.) How many people consider reading blogs a hobby? 2.) How many blogs do you subscribe to or read on a regular basis? 3.) Is there a such thing as too many? 4.) Comments. Do you leave them or not?

1.) For me, I think blog reading could be considered a hobby separate from regular reading. I sure devote enough time to reading updates from the blogs I subscribe to and more recently, hunting new blogs to read.

2.) I subscribe to 67 blogs in my Google Reader but 12 of them have not updated recently ranging in date from 3/2/07 - 1/31/08. With that amount of time, I have to wonder if I'll be hearing from them in the blogoshere ever again.

3 and 4) Just like I don't think it's possible to read too many books, I don't think it's possible to subscribe to too many blogs. I admit, some blogs I skim more than I read but I still pay attention to what they are saying. Also, feeling obligated to leave comments on so many posts can get really overwhelming which makes me feel neglectful when I don't. Sometimes I also feel like I'm just saying the same thing that 10 other people have said on the more popular blogs. So, I suppose that leaving comments just because you feel like you have to makes the sentiment and empty one but some bloggers are so comment hungry that they probably don't care. I say, leave comments when you really want to and not just because you feel like you should.

I would like to ask more questions about blogging but they would be too gossipy so I won't, lol. Like I said, I'm curious though.


  1. I think reading blogs has become a hobby for me too. I tend to lump it in with my online group reading, but separate from actual book reading.

    I subscribe to quite a few blogs. It feels like too many sometimes. I'm so afraid I'll miss something. Like you, sometimes I skim the posts just to get the gist of them.

    I do leave comments now and then and I really like receiving comments. I don't know that I'm comment hungry, but it makes me feel good when someone takes the time to say hi.

    There are people who leave comments on every post I write and others are more sporadic. I sometimes worry what the etiquette is, whether I'm supposed to reciprocate in kind for my regulars. I don't always have something to say though, and as you suggested, I would rather leave comments that hold some meaning rather than saying something just to say something at all. I've done that too though, I admit.

  2. I never really thought about blog reading being a hobby but I can see how it would. I'm not sure how many I read and I really need to figure out the subscription thing.
    I usually leave comments but there are some days when I'm busy and just read to catch up thinking I'd come back later to comment on something.

  3. LF~~I understand what you mean about feeling good when you get comments. Comments are a tricky subject I think.

    Pam~~I used to use Outlook 2007 to manage my subscriptions and then it stopped grabbing posts regularly for some reason. I use Google Reader now and I like it a lot. It even recommends new blogs based on the ones you subscribe to which can be a good thing/bad thing, lol.

  4. Well since I am new at this Blogging thing, I think it is cool to read what other people have taken the time to post. It takes a a lot of thought and when people take the time to comment it makes you feel good. I think most people are supportive even when opinions vary.

  5. Arlene~~I'd be careful if I were you. Blogging and reading blogs can become addictive. ;)

  6. I completely agree that blogreading is 100% addictive - like anything that is updated daily and gives just enough reward to keep you interested. When checking my google reader, I literally feel like the mouse pushing the button for food who gets rewarded only 10% of the time.

    I subscribe to about 45. Currently I have over 600 unread. Most I just skim for something that really interests me. Some, I'm addicted to reading in full each post.

    I don't often comment. I'm trying to get in the habit of doing so when it's someone I might have something in common with or be able to build a relationship with - like you Trisha since we do book club together now.

    Realistically, I think my time would be better spent reading books or writing in my own blog. I think it would make me feel better. Often I feel like blog reading is just filler, cheap entertainment for down time (not yours Trisha!). But a lot of them I check when I'm doing things like sending a document to the printer or on hold with the insurance company.

    One thing I do love and find meaningful is the community that builds around blogs and bloggers. I have yet to get really involved in the blogging community but I'm interested in how it develops and how people make friendships/support each other in it. Do you have friends that you've made just through blogging?

  7. I would guess reading blogs is sort of a hobby. I do it everyday. I use Google reader and I subscribe to about 8 blogs, plus I surf blogs all the time. I click on the blogs in peoples blog rolls all the time, plus I check out the people who do the meme's I do. I don't think it is possible to have too many. They are fat free after all. I only leave comments if I have something to say. If it's the same thing nine other people have said, I don't usually leave one. I try and leave comments all I can though. I love comments, so I figure everyone else does too. It's nice to get some recognition.

  8. Liz~~"Often I feel like blog reading is just filler, cheap entertainment for down time (not yours Trisha!)." That made me laugh. I know that some days what I post should be considered cheap filler.

    I'm not sure if I would define the relationships I have with other bloggers as friendships. Not because I don't like them by any means, but because...well, I don't know. I often have a hard time defining Internet interactions of any kind. People like Pam, Jacki, and Wendy (and others) I def feel like I've gotten to know via their blog and wish they were my neighbors in real life, lol. This should be a blog post.

    Jennifer~~8. Wow. But, I love comments and the recognition too. After all, why would you have what amounts to a journal online if you didn't want people to read it.

  9. Yes 8. 8 I read nearly daily. Lots more I browse, but don't really read a lot. Unlike you who has 67... Where the heck would I find time to keep up with 67 blogs? I have enough trouble with 8, my own, Readers Anonymous, kids, school, work, and housework.

  10. I guess I do think of blog reading as a hobby, apart from regular reading. I subscribe to 26 blogs right now, but only recently discovered Google Reader, so I'm sure I'll be adding many more in the weeks to come. Like anything, you can overdo it. I leave comments when I feel like it or when I'm moved to respond to something that was written.

  11. Lisa~~Google Reader has become somewhat of an obsession for me so watch out, lol.


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